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Ruth Ann Sandberg

Since our last issue the general health of the community has not improved. New phases and complications of disease are constantly springing up and the mortality has been larger than the week previous. This review embraces six days, and commences Thursday, April 9th and closes with Wednesday, April 15. As there has been not deaths reported to-day, the actual time has been within five days. We are under obligations to J. B. Lundberg for an inspection of his books, which reveal the following deaths of his burial:

Elizabeth Kemp, from old age, died April 9th, age, 80 years.
Joseph Bendig, la grippe, April 10th age 55 years.
Ruth Ann Sandberg, spinal meningitis, April 10th, age 6 years.
Mrs. Ludwig Titecloff, pleurisy, Apr 10th, age 45 years.
John M. Bedell, la grippe, April 11, age 56 years.
Peter Danielson, dropsy, April 11, age 75 years.
Infant child of E. M. Henry, la grippe, April 13th.

It is a notable fact that most of the deaths this spring are people in the prime of life or past the meridian. Of the above seven deaths two only are children, the remainder being 54 years of age and above it. It need not be inferred that we are worse stricken than other communities. The majority of the above are not residents of Chesterton or Hageman, but are from the neighborhoods surrounding. Michigan City with 11,000 inhabitants, reports 24 deaths, the past seven days which is about proportionate to our own ratio of deaths. Throughout the entire northwest the death rate has been larger than common since Jan. 1st.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: April 17, 1891
Volume Number: 8
Issue Number: 1
Page: 1
Column(s): 3

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