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John Sams

(From Friday's Daily)
[Laporte Argus.]

An intricate and tedious operation took place at the Holy Family hospital this morning when a desparate effort was made by Dr. Martin and other surgeons to relieve the condition of Clyde Johnson, who has never regained entire consciousness since the accident at the Park street crossing of the Lake Erie railroad when John Sames, of Valparaiso, was killed in the auto collision. A portion of the skull was removed and then replaced in order that pressure that was believed to exist in the brain cavity might be relieved.

The condition of Johnson has been a mystery to the medical men of the city. He has been in a constant state of delirium since the accident and save for a few hours one morning several days ago, when he appeared to recognize his wife, he has been unable to talk rationally or understand anything that was spoken to him.

There have been absolutely no symptoms of a fractured skull, said Dr. Martin today, with the exception of his mental condition, which might point to that condition as the cause. However, there are several other conditions that might cause such a mental condition. Dr. Martin does not bleieve there is a well developed blood clot on the brain, but is inclined to attribute the condition to pressure caused by the rupture of a number of capillaries. The operation was performed in the hope of relieving the pressure thus formed. Whether it is successful will not be known for several days. Unless the operation does give some relief to the man there is small prospect of his recovery. Sufficient time has elapsed since the accident, believe the doctors, to allow nature to relieve the condition if that force was able to do it at all. The operation was undertaken with the idea that it was practically the only thing that would give hope of saving the man.

Owing to the absence of Dr. Walkinshaw, coroner, in Canada, where he has been called by the death of his mother, the final investigation into the fearful accident has been postponed. He had planned to question Ross Johnson, the driver of the automobile, tomorrow. He has, however, practically decided from the testimony of other witnesses that the railroad company was not to blame for the accident.

This morning a portion of the skull just above and to the rear of the temporal bone about two inches by two and one-half inches was taken out and replaced loosely to create a vent. Drs. Sutherland, Danruther and Fargher assisted in the operation.

Newspaper: The Porter County Vidette
Date of Publication: March 1, 1916
Volume Number:
Issue Number:
Page: 2
Column(s): 1

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