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John Sams

(From Friday's Daily)

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Casbon, of Pine township, and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Parkhurst, of Chicago, drove to Laporte this morning to arrange for the removal of the body of John Sams to this city, following the coroner's inquest there. All came here last night, as soon as possible after hearing of the dreaded accident that shocked this city yesterday.

Mr. Sams had been on of Porter county's most influential and progressive farmers. Since his beginning here as a monthly farm hand he had worked and saved until he was the owner of some fine farms. He was born in Tennessee, and was one of thirteen children. He came to the country around Hebron and Boone Grove in his youth and worked for J. R. Malone. He married Miss Cora Casbon, of this city, who survives him, with a daughter, Mrs. Harry Parkhurst, and a son, Lester.

A number of other Porter county men came over the Park road crossing, where the tragedy was enacted, just as the victims were being taken away to Laporte. George E. Haxton, William Foreman, Levi Bay, Raymond Crisman, Charles Ohlfest, and Arthur and Francis Bushore were among those who had visited with Mr. Sams at the sale not long before he left for the fateful journey home, and who later stopped to view the scene of his death.

Ross Johnson said that he did not see the train until it was within 15 or 20 feet of him. He was running only about 10 miles an hour, he said, and when he saw the train he threw on all the power and jumped the front end across the track, but the locomotive caught the rear end and swung it violently around. He said he did not hear a whistle of any warming from the train.

After attending Clyde Johnson a doctor stated that his left leg was broken in four or five places below the knee, but that the broken parts did not protrude through the flesh. The leg was placed in a case and it is believed that good results will follow. Johnson also suffered concussion of the brain and bruises on his face. Conditions are favorable for his recovery.

Ross Johnson crawled out of the machine through a sheet of flame, sustaining burns on the head and face, and then pulled his brother out of reach of the fire. After that he found Mr. Sams some distance away, where he was thrown to death.

Newspaper: The Porter County Vidette
Date of Publication: February 23, 1916
Volume Number:
Issue Number:
Page: 3
Column(s): 5

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