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Hiram Salisbury

Hiram Salisbury, a brakeman on the Lake Shore road, died here Friday morning under peculiarly sad circumstances. He was a fine young man, not yet 21 years of age, and leaves a young wife in Elkhart, to whom he had been married only one month. He was on a freight run from Elkhart to Chicago at night, and when near Pine Station, about one o'clock Friday morning, the train broke in two. Salisbury was on one section, which was being backed up to the disconnected section, and while walking over the cars his lantern went out. Failing to realize how near he was to the last car, he walked off and fell under the wheels. His shin bone was torn out of the ankle joint and laid bare the flesh clear to the knee, both legs were removed about half way between the knees and hips, but fortunately he was not injured about the body or head except a slight scratch on the face. He was picked up and taken to Pine and put on the 9:30 train and brought to Chesterton. Drs. Kellogg and Corey were called to attend him. After ascertaining the nature of his injuries they decided that both legs would have to come off just below the hips. They proceeded at once to making him comfortable by injecting morphine and administering stimulants, and after two hours delay he was sufficiently recovered from the shock to justify the operation, but he had lost so much blood and endured so much suffering that the double amputation proved too much for him, and he passed away about thirty minutes after it was over. His brother-in-law came the next day and had the remains prepared for burial and shipped to Imley City, Mich., where his parents live.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: November 13, 1890
Volume Number: 7
Issue Number: 31
Page: 5
Column(s): 2

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