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Lizzie Ryan

Miss Lizzie Ryan, daughter of Jerry Ryan, or Marshall Grove, died at her home on Wednesday morning, Oct. 23. Her funeral was held in the Catholic church the Friday following. The church was crowded to its upmost capacity by friends and acquaintances, giving one some idea of her high standing hereabouts. Deceased was an accomplished musician, and had formerly been a member of the choir here. She was 21 years old, and was a victim of heart disease. She leaves a father, step mother, four sisters and two brothers to mourn her early departure. The funeral services were conducted by the Rev. Father Thiele, her pastor, and the responses were beautifully rendered by the choir. After which the casket was lifted by careful hands of her friends in life, and started for the last long resting place followed by a large concourse of friends and relatives. The body was interred in the Catholic cemetery south of Valparaiso.


In the prime of her youth, from the home of her childhood, Her maker has called her to regions of bliss; Like a rose in the spring time adorning the wildwood, she budded and bloomed, but her face we shall miss; For she's gone to the land where the angels are singing, To the home of the just, to the heaven of rest; To the regions of glory, her chastity bringing, She sahll sing with the saints in the choir of the blest.

As a virgin she lived, and despite earth's enticing, She carried her chastity down to her grave; Oh, why we are sad, when we should be rejoicing, For she shines in the jewels her purity gave. Yet, she glows with the luster that continence crowned her, The halo of Heaven that Virtue bestows; The seraphs and saints in their hall shall surround her, They will pray for her friends and protect her from foes.

Fare thee well for a while,Marshall Grove's fairest flower, Thy beauty shall bloom where no thorns are found; Though loneliness lingers around thy fair bower, Yet, they spirit is gleaming with diadems crowned. Thou art gone to the land of perpetual beauty, Where no sorrows or troubles of earth shall assail; To the mansions of bliss, where there's love without duty, And where honor and virtue alone shall prevail.

If the eye of the soul can behold from its towerThe afflictions of mortals on earth here below, Then there;s one more to watch in the much-dreaded hour, When men the immortal are destined to know. There is one who shall wait at the portal celestial, With arms extended she'll stand at the gate; And when we have finished our labors terrestrial, She shall welcome us home to our Father's estate.

E. F. O'Riordan
Bloomington, Ill.

Newspaper: The Chesterton Tribune
Date of Publication: November 8, 1895
Volume Number: 12
Issue Number: 30
Page: 8
Column(s): 3

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