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James Rhoda

Killed by the Cars.
A horrible accident occurred at the Calumet street crossing of the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern railroad last Thursday afternoon, in which one human life was lost.

James Rhoda, a well known farmer, of Liberty township came to town that day, and went to see his daughter, who was stopping at Old Mr. Stont's on the north side. He had a spirited team of horses, one four and the other five years old, who when their heads were turned homeward were very keen to go. Just as he was about to cross the railroad tracks, the 4:30 west bound limited was due, and team and train were bearing down upon each other. Rhoda was ignorant of his danger, and was looking northward. Watchman Sherwood ran to stop him, but the team bore down on him, and dashed him out of the way. The watchman fought every inch of his ground, and came near losing his own life. His actions attracted the attention of the people on the streets, and hundreds saw the awful tragedy. Just as the horses were on the tracks, the train dashed into them. The horses were thrown fully two hundred feet. One was cut in two. The other was almost instantly killed, Rhoda was thrown with terrific force in the car, but his body collided with the mail-catcher, and his brains dashed out of his head. Death was instanteous. He never knew what happened. At least one hundred people witnessed the collision, and turned pale with horror. The train was stopped and the engineer ran back, sure that he had killed Watchman Sherwood. Engineer Rozean whose engine struck Otto Gustafson, was in town, and witnessed the accident.

Coroner Coates held an inquest on the remains the day following, and examined a number of witnesses. His verdict has not been rendered at this writing.

The funeral was held Sunday, the services being conducted in the German Lutheran church, and was attended by hundreds of people. Rhoda was an old settler of this county, and a man well liked by all who knew him.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: April 27, 1894
Volume Number: 11
Issue Number: 3
Page: 5
Column(s): 3

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