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Allen J. Reynolds

Allen J. Reynolds, son of D. B. Reynolds, of Burdick, and brother of E. M. Reynolds, of this place, was killed by a B. & O. passenger train at Carter's Crossing, in Jackson township, last Thursday evening, Dec. 16th.

The young man had been deputized a constable that day by his father, who is a justice of the peace, to take a prisoner to the county jail. He had delivered the prisoner to the sheriff and was returning home when the accident occurred that resulted in his death. While in Valparaiso he met Chas. Bedenkop and they agreed to go home together. Bedenkop started on ahead in his buggy and young Reynolds followed, when they were crossing the B. & O. R. R. tracks at Carter's Crossing Mr. Bedenkop saw a train approaching and called to Reynolds to wait till the train got by, but evidently he did not hear him as he drove onto the track and the train struck the vehicle just after the horse had crossed. Mr. Reynolds was thrown about a hundred feet and to the side of the track, the buggy being smashed into kindling wood. The engineer did not notice that he struck anything but thought he saw something on the pilot of the engine, and when Suman was reached the train was stopped, the engineer made an investigation and found the buggy spring, one of the wheels and a gentleman's finger ring on the pilot. The train was backed up and when near the crossing the train crew heard the man groan and found him lying the track, still alive but unconscious. He was carried to a farm house near by, where he died before anything could be done to relieve his suffering.

In the meantime Mr. Bedenkop got out of his buggy and found Reynolds' horse just behind unhurt and started to look for Reynolds, and came upon his body just as the trainmen did. He immediately got into his buggy and drove to Burdick to notify the unfortunate man's parents.

The remains were brought to Chesterton Friday morning and taken to J. B. Lundberg's undertaking rooms. The funeral services were conducted Sunday afternoon in the Burdick M. E. church, Rev. Wright officiating, and the remains were buried in the Chesterton cemetery.

The deceased was nearly 22 years old and well known in this vicinity.

Newspaper: The Chesterton Tribune
Date of Publication: December 25, 1897
Volume Number: 14
Issue Number: 37
Page: 4
Column(s): 2

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