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Three Children Lose Their Lives in a Burning Building.

Valparaiso Star: Twenty miles west of this city on the Nickel Plate road, is located what is known as the Calumet gravel pit, and at this place last night at about 10 o'clock occurred the most horrible fatality, sickening in its details.

Edward Price is employed by the Nickel Plate as a section foreman, and resided at the Calumet pit with his family, consisting of his wife and three children, two girls and one boy, aged 8, 4 and 6 years.

Last night the family retired leaving a coal oil lamp burning for the night, as was their custom. At about 10 o'clock the lamp exploded and set fire to the house. Mr. and Mrs. Price were sleeping down stairs and the three little children were in an upper chamber. When the father awoke the building was in flames, and access to the sleeping apartment of the children cut off by darting and defiant sheets of flame, which had already consumed the stairway, making it impossible for them to rescue the children. But the parents continued in their efforts to rescue the little ones, until they had become faint from exhaustion and the flames had completely enveloped the building.

The morning nothing remained of the building, and the burned and charred remains of the three little ones were taken from the debris. Mrs. Price was slightly burned, while Mr. Price's injuries were more severe and his recovery is considered doubtful.

Later information has been received that the little boy was sleeping with a section hand, who, upon hearing the cries of Price and his wife, jumped out of bed and sprang through a window to the ground, and in his excitement forgot all about the little ones he had thus left to their fate. It is also thought that the children were too nearly suffocated at the time the man jumped through the window to utter a cry of help themselves.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: April 6, 1894
Volume Number: 10
Issue Number: 52
Page: 1
Column(s): 3

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