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Ruth Ann Pettibone

Of Consumption at Crown Point, In. on Friday morning, March 11th, in the 21st year of her age, Mrs. Ruth Ann, wife of David K. Pettibone, and daughter of Russell Eddy, Esq., of that place.

Lovely in life, she was lovely in her death. In her fifteenth year she consecrated her heart to God, and united herself with the Presbyterian Church. Since that time she has been one of its brightest ornaments, adorning her profession by a consistent and devoted life. Her fervency and earnestness in the social prayer meeting will long be remembered. When there was no other pious young lady in the place, and although so young herself, during a revival of religion, the next year after her conversion, she was found visiting house to house -- urging her friends and associates to attend immediately to their eternal salvation.

The little church of which she was a member, her husband and her friends severely feel the loss; yet our loss has become her everlasting gain. -- About a year since, she contracted a cold which terminated in aggravated Bronchitis. Almost every expedient was resorted to, to preserve a life so dear; but all without avail. She gradually and steadily declined until the disease having seized upon the lungs, quickly terminated her useful life. Her protracted sufferings were borne with remarkable fortitude and patience. While she would have been glad of restoration to health for the sake of her friends, and for Zion's sake, she was cheerfully resigned to the will of her Heavenly Father. When it was quite certain that she could continue a short time only, with great dilberation, and in full possession of her mental faculties, she proceeded to make arrangements for her departure. She called her friends, individually, to her bed-side and earnestly enjoined upon them to prepare to meet her in Heaven. She then distributed among them tokens and pledges of rememberance, and gave directions concerning her grave clothes and her burial. She longed to be with Christ.

After a severe paroxism of coughing, she became easy and said, "Is this dying? O! how sweet. It is worth all I have suffered, to die thus. I am so happy; and if I am so happy here, how happy I shall be in heaven. O! death where is they sting, O! grave where is thy victory?"

After this she revived and continued some hours. On one occasion she exclaimed, "How long," and added, "I am willing to wait but had rather go now." Fearing that she might have another paroxism and become impatient she exclaimed, "The Lord strengthen me; the Lord support me; the Lord keep me in this hour." After a little looking around upon her weeping friends, she said, "what a miserable creature I should be now if I had no hope." When again questioned, as we saw her end approaching, she replied, "I have no doubt that the Saviour will accept me." Not long before her departure, she requested us to pray that now she might go, if it was her Father's will. She died after a few moments of struggling. Her end was peace; she sleeps in Jesus.

Sleep on thou sainted one,
Till the Arch-angel's trump shall
Sound and bid the dead awake.
Thy weary head shall now repose
Upon the bosom of thy God.
No more shall sin or suffering
Cloud thy brow so fair.
Thy labors are forever done,
Thy cares all gone, thy wants,
Thy pains, forever fled.
Oh high among thy blest thy rest is sweet;
Nor can a tender husband's groan,
Nor mother's tear, nor father's moan,
E'er draw thee from they loving Savior's breast.

Newspaper: Valparaiso Practical Observer
Date of Publication: March 15, 1852
Volume Number: 3
Issue Number: 33
Page: 2
Column(s): 6

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