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Jessie C. Owen

The funeral services of Miss Jessie Owen were held at the Baptist church in Englewood last Friday at one o'clock. It was the original intention to hold the services at the house, but long before the hour appointed, the rooms were filled, and it was decided to go to the church. The attendance was large, the floral offerings profuse, and were beautiful. Among the more noticable pieces were: A harp from Jessie's school mates, a lyre, gates ajar, and a wreath; the latter presented by Mrs. Young. There were present from Chesterton, Mrs. Dr. Marr, Mrs. Caldwell, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Babcock, Miss Cora Green, Edwin Green and Chas. Williams. The casket was placed in the vault at Oakwood Cemetery.

Never has the death of a person living away from Chesterton called forth expressions of such universal sympathy and sorrow as does the death of Jessie Owen. Dear, lovely Jessie. She is ever before us. Full of life, animation, radiant with earth's new wine of youth, beauty, and health, with a heart overflowing with kindness and good will to all. An only daughter, and the most loving and dutiful of children. No wonder the mother sits by her darkened hearth -- mourning, and disconsolate, and the father, with bowed head, and bleeding heart, refuses to be comforted. None but those who have suffered a like bereavement can realize the anguish, and heartbreak of the trial through which those parents are now passing. Words are powerless to alleviate sorrow such as theirs; yet, those who know (and to know was to love) their daughter, cannot but express their sorrow, and pray that He who suffered like as we do, may pour the balm of healing love and hope on their wounded hearts, and lift their eyes from the snow-covered mound, underneath which lies only the mortal of their beautiful darling to that upper realm where in summer gladness, and amid flowers of perpetual bloom lovely Jessie, roams at wil amid the heavenly bowers, nor dreams of aught but joy. -- E. G.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: December 17, 1885
Volume Number: 2
Issue Number: 38
Page: 1
Column(s): 6

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