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Mary O'Connor

Mrs. O'Connor, of Millers, Instantly Killed by a B. & O. Limited.

A shocking accident occurred at Millers Station on Monday evening July 4th, abuot 8 o'clock which resulted in the instant death of Mrs. Mary O'Connor, relict of the late John O'Connor, and a resident of that place. Mrs. O'Connor was on her way from home to the house of her daughter, Mrs. Nord, and had stopped at Grocer Blank's to see the display of fireworks being shot off. Remaining there a short time, she took the Baltimore & Ohio railroad track to go to her daughter's house, and was watching the ascension of a balloon as she was walking along. Just at this time an eastbound Baltimore & Ohio limited passenger train came along, but its approach was not heard by the unfortunate lady, so intent on her mind was the balloon. The engineer, seeing her peril, blew the whistle, but it was too late for in the next instant the victim was in eternity. The whistle, however, did attract the attention of the villagers, who ran up the track to investigate, and found Mrs. O'Connor lying along the side of the track, dead. Her skull was crushed and she was otherwise injured.

The body was at once taken to the family residence, and relatives notified.

The funeral was held Wednesday, in the Catholic church of Chesterton, Father Kroll officiating, and the remains buried in the Chesterton cemetery.

Deceased was 58 years old and had many relatives in Chesterton and Porter County. She was an estimable lady, who was called upon to suffer many severe trials, and her sad death is a severe blow to her family. When killed she was on her way to her daughter's who was bery ill. Coroner Gordon, of Lake county, viewed the remains Tuesday, but will not hold an inquest until the testimony of the crew on the passenger train can be obtained.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: July 8, 1892
Volume Number: 9
Issue Number: 13
Page: 1
Column(s): 3

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