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James Newberry

A Shocking Death.
Last Saturday morning James Newberry, who lives near Furnessville, started to walk on the Lake Shore railroad track from Burdick to Otis. On crossing the county line between Porter and Laporte Counties he was struck by a special train going east, and instantly killed. The particulars as related by a witness are as follows,

Newberry was walking directly in the middle of the track, moderately slow, with his hands thrust deep in his pockets, and his eyes on the ground. Just beyond the Porter county line and on the north side of the track lives a man named Stevens. He was attracted to the door by the sharp whistling of the train, and looking down the track saw Newberry walking on the track. The engineer blew the whistle and rang the bell, hoping to attract the attention of the doomed man, but to no avail. The engine struck him, breaking his neck, and one side of his face, throwing the body up on the cow-catcher, carrying it perhaps sixty feet and dropping it into the ditch. Death was instantaneous. Stevens the eye witness immediately went to Otis and notified the Coroner, Dr. Annis. The Coroner held an inquest and on finding papers identifying the body, and showing that his home was Chesterton had the remains sent to Chesterton.

Evidence was given showing that Newberry was subject to attacks of almost total deafness at certain times, and it is supposed that at the time he was killed he was suffering from one of these attacks. The verdict rendered was "Death by Accident."

Newberry was about 44 years old at the time of his death. He with his father came to this county from Ohio before the war, and has lived in this neighborhood the greater part of the time. He served in the late war in the 65th Ills. Company C and received injuries that have disabled him more or less ever since. He was a member of the A. B. Wade Post No. 208 G. A. R. and had made application for a pension. There was every reason that he would be granted a pension and now efforts will be made to secure it for his family. He leaves a wife and five children the oldest being but 8 years, and the youngest a babe of 5 or 6 weeks, in destitute circumstances.

A. B. Wade Post took charge of the remains and gave their old comrade a decent burial, paying all expenses themselves. A collection was also taken up for the widow. The funeral took place Sunday, the sermon being preached at the M. E. church commencing at 2 o'clock.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: December 15, 1887
Volume Number: 4
Issue Number: 36
Page: 1
Column(s): 6

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