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Ethel R. Murten

Died at her home in South Chicago; Ethel R. Murten oldes child of Mr. and Mrs. William Murten, on March 3rd, aged four and one-half years. The funeral occurred at Chesterton on the 6th, Rev. Jesse officiating.

Little Ethel, yet clothed in the sweet morning hours of innocence, contended with disease but briefly. She heard the divine melody of an angel's song from out of the skises and closing her eyes to the weariness of earth her spirit wandered off to the City of Pearls.

How beautiful thus to think of her. For though now the little form so cold and lonely rests beneath the winter's brown and her bright spirit merely a gust of earth has fluttered back to the mansions of eternity; may she rest in the triumphs of Christian faith, bridge the dreary chasm of silence which lies between the living and the dead and hold communion most sweet. What a privilege! How grand. How elevating. How sublime are the thoughts which flow into our minds when in the weary march of life we are made to pause and gaze upward into the great dome of heaven and the mighty telescope of faith we see beyond the stars and gaze upon the city of our Lord. And closing our ears to the din and turmoil and confusion of life we catch a few of the sweet melodies of the celestial choir. Then we must resume our weary march across the continent of time, what richness, what mellowness, what grace do we find has been imparted to our lives.

Thus in the loss of your dear one bereaved parents can you not almost think of it as a blessing from the Bestower of all good and thank him that your heaven is enriched by such a pearl? And her grave that stands upon yonder dewy hill, plant it with laurels, sprinkle it with lilies, and midst holy prayers and generous grief and consecrated blessing behold that the angel which sits in the sepulchre of death has become the angel of the morning of resurrection.


Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: March 10, 1893
Volume Number: 9
Issue Number: 48
Page: 5
Column(s): 5

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