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Katie Murphy

MURPHY. -- At Chesterton, Sept. 4th, 1880, Katie Murphy, aged about 27 years.

As the deceased was a member of St. Rose's Sodality of the B. V. M., the members met pursuant to notice and adopted the following resolutions:

Resolved, Whereas our esteemed and beloved companion is taken from our midst, that we lament sincerely, her untimely death.

Resolved, That we respectfully tender our sympathies to the bereaved parents, the found brothers and sisters, who so deeply mourn her loss.

Katie Murphy was a true model for her young companions, in the practice of virtue, remarkable for her profound piety, unassuming manners, and an amiable disposition towards all. She was beloved by the people, and held in high regard by her companions. In one word, no one knew her but to love her. She was born Nov. 13th, 1853, at City West, Porter county, Ind. Since the earliest days of her youth, Chesterton daily beheld her amicable features and so dear was this place to her that all her youthful days were spent at home. Her insidious disease, consumption, baffled every effort and finally carried off its victim in the flower of her youth and vigor.

The funeral ceremonies took place in St. Patrick's church, at Chesterton, on the 6th inst., after which her remains were conveyed to St. Patrick's Cemetery. While her casket lies there we may well hope and think that her pure soul is with God, whom she loved so dearly, and whom during her whole life she served so faithfully.

In Memoriam.
Death has robbed us of a treasure,
Of a member loved so well;
And filled were we with bitter measure
When we heard the tolling knoll.
A flower from our midst was taken,
In the bloom of youthful mirth;
She sleep ne'er more to waken,
On this cold and lonely earth.

The flower so early riven,
Was sown in God's pasture,
Angels bore her up to heaven,
She blooms in beauty there.
Dear Katie thou hast parted,
For brighter land than ours;
By blessed angels guarded,
Thou art in heavenly bowers.

Yet though of thee we are bereft,
Thou still are in our hearts;
To earth alone thy casket's left,
Thou soul to God did dart.
There, too, we hope to greet thee
When life from us has fled,
On golden wings we'll meet thee,
With God, who for us bled.

Softly blow ye breezes, morning,
Round the grave where Katie lies,
'Tis for her a mother's weeping,
'Tis for her a father sighs.
And we, we wish to her repose,
Wo e'er has been to us so dear;
Her soul we know s freed from woes,
Still, love must drop a silent tear.

Oh! Friend forever loved forever dear,
What fruitless tears have bathed thy honored bier?
What sighs are echoed to thy parting breath;
Whils't thou was't struggling in the pangs of death?
Could tears retard the tyrant in its course;
Could sighs avert his darts relentless force,
Could youth and virtue claim a short delay,
Or beauty charm the spectre from his prey;
Thou shouldest have lived to bless my ashing sight
Thy comrad's honor and thy friend's delight.
But thy gentle spirit took down from on high
To the spot where the ----?--- ashes lie;
And then wilt read recorded on my heart,
A grief so deep to trust to sculpter's art;
No ---?--- mark the couch of lonely sleep,
But living statues there are soon to weep;
Grief's resemblence bends not o'er thy tomb,
Affliction's self deplores thy youthful doom;
And ---?--- thy ---?--- laments his falling line,
A father's sorrow scarce can equal mine.
Though you the dying hour ne'er shall cheer
Yet other offspring soothe his anguish here;
But who with me shall hold the former place,
Thine image what new friendship can efface!
Ah! ---?--- a mother's tears will cease to flow,
Time will assuage a sister's bitter woe, To all save me is consolation known,
While ---?--- friendship weeps alone.

Her companion,

[Note: The print in this death notice is faded and very difficult to transcribe.]

Newspaper: Porter County Vidette
Date of Publication: September 16, 1880
Volume Number: 24
Issue Number: 38
Page: 2
Column(s): 6

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