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Jesse Morgan

It becomes our duty to announce to the public the death of one of our oldest inhabitants, the venerable Jesse Morgan, who perished under the following circumstances:

He left home on Thursday morning, Feb. 3, on horseback for Chicago, and took the road which follows the beach of the lake. On coming to the Calumet he could not safely cross and accordingly took another road to go to the toll bridge above. Night came on, and, it being very dark he lost his way; but discovering a light at Woodman's, where he was intending to put up, he directed his course to it, and in doing so got into the Calumet Marsh, where the water and soft mud, covered with thin ice were belly deep to his horse. After wallowing through this some distance, he let his horse go back, and tried himself to worry through to the light, and would have perhaps succeeded but for the river which intervened. Upon arriving at the bank of the Calumet, he called for help and continued to call for hours. His call was heard by some men at Woodman's, who went up a mile and a half to the toll bridge and procured other assistance then came down to relieve his distress; but it was too late. He was too much exhausted to make himself heard, and it was too dark for them to find him. The next morning Friday 4th his body was found lying in the water of the marsh with his head upon the ice within a few feet of where the men passed along with the skiff the previous night.

The sad news was brought to Calumet Station by the cars on Friday, the 4th, some of his family and neighbors went out on the cars on Saturday, made proper arrangements on Sunday, returned with his remains on Monday, and on the same day they were buried in the neighborhood of his residence.

His death is mourned by his aged companion, and his family and relations, most deeply, but they have the warm sympathies of neighbors and acquaintances generally.

[Note: Calumet Station is the former name of present day Chesterton.]

Newspaper: Practical Observer
Date of Publication: February 14, 1853
Volume Number: 1
Issue Number: 7
Page: 2
Column(s): 1

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