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Frederick Michaels

Two post-mortem examinations were held recently by Drs. Miller and Marr. The first, Christmas day, on the body of Lyman Bancroft, a young man aged about 28, who was taken with chills, fever and sore throat about two months previous to his death, which troubles were neglected for several days. He then applied to Dr. Green, who prescribed for him and cautioned him against the dangers of neglect. Being relieved, but not cured of the throat troubles, several days after he called on Dr. Marr, who treated him for some time, and then Dr. Miller was called on but none were able to relieve the throat symptoms which caused great difficulty in swallowing, the food or water being expelled by coughing as soon as it entered the throat passing out at the nose and mouth. Certain indications before death led his physicians to suspect consumption as a complication, whiched proved true on examination, as a large quantity of granular tubercular deposit was found in one lung; but the immediate cause of death was decided to be paralysis of the glottis and laryngeal muscles, rendering him unable to swallow, and as the disease progressed, respiration was interfered with until at last he lost the power of breathing.

One day later the second examination was held on the body of one of our prominent citizens, Mr. Frederick Michael, whose health has been failing for several months. In addition to employing home talent he consulted several eminent physicians of Chicago, some of whom thought from the general symptoms, that he had cancer of the liver, and his attending physician was also led to believe there might be some organic lesion of that organ, but at the necropsic examination no tissue changes were found, it being entirely free from cancer, tubercle or abcess; there was however some enlargement and rather a pallid appearance. The heart was found much changed, being considerably dilated and had taken on partial tissue mettamorphosis, known as fatty degeneration, and within the right cavaties were two large fibrinous clots, and a large amount of fluid had collected around the heart within the perricardium. The lung though perfectly free from tubercule, was found to be engorged with dropsical effusion, which though recent, was probably the immediate cause of death.

To many people these examinations may seem unnecessary, but they afford a vast amount of useful knowledge to the physicians, which results in benefit to the living, and no intelligent person should object in peculiar cases of unusual occurrence.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: January 1, 1885
Volume Number: 1
Issue Number: 40
Page: 4
Column(s): 1 and 2

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