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Catherine Elizabeth Merrifield

The Funeral Services of Mrs. Minard T. Johnson.

It has become our sad duty to announce the departure from this life of Mrs. Minard T. Johnson, at the residence of her husband in Washington township, this county, on the 23d of February, 1883, after an illness of several weeks.

The deceased, Catherine Elizabeth, was the eldest daughter of Hon. Thomas J. and Paulina S. Merrifield, of this place, and was born on the 29th of May, 1857. At her death she was in her 26th year. Her marriage to Mr. Johnson took place on Christmas Eve, 1881, and she entered upon the new relation with every prospect of a long and happy life. With a good constitution and robust health, loving and beloved, of a naturally happy and vivacious temperament, and entering upon her new sphere of duty with cheerful interest, what could she, what could her friends think but that many years of happiness were to be granted her? It was therefore with a quiet feeling of sadness that they received intelligence of her decease. Her remains were brought to Valparaiso for interment and now repose in the cemetery side by side with those of her infant child, who a few days before had preceded her to the other world. The funeral services were held at the residence of Mr. Merrifield on Sunday afternoon, February 25th, and were attended by many of our citizens, Rev. Robert Beer officiating. Following is a tribute to her may virtues from the pen of her father:

1st. -- Candor and truthfulness were always conspicuous characteristics of the deceased. Of her word she was always extremely conscientious, and it was safe to rely upon it implicitely under all circumstances.

2d. -- She was open-hearted and generous to a remarkable degree. Nothing gave her so much pleasure as the consciousness of doing good to others.

3d. -- She was of a contented ad cheerful disposition, and was constantly endeavoring to impart to those around her her own happy temperament.

4th. -- All her tastes and inclinations were refined and pure to a remarkable degree. While no one engaged in innocent and comely sport with greater zest than she, nothing could induce her to engage in anything of an essentially trifling nature or of a vicious or evil tendency. All such she instinctively shunned and abhorred.

5th. -- Of patience and long suffering she was a model, Throughout her long and painful illness not a word of impatience or fault-finding was heard to escape her lips, and throughout her lifetime she was never known to indulge in anger, hatred or any other evil passion. All her dispositions were essentially refined and good, and all her ways were pleasant and sweet. And so it was that she had become a perpetual source of joy to her parets, kindred and friends.

6th. -- Filial obedience and love seldom attain such perfection as they had in her. For her parents she was never weary in doing and felt that she could never do enough. Her vigilance of their interests was ever on alert, and she would have hesitated at no sacrfice on her own part to maintain their welfare.

7th. -- Prior to her illness her prospect was fair for a long and happy life and life to her was sweet and precious, and she was loth to leave it, but from the beginning of her last illness in the mystic whisperings of her inner life she heard and understood her final doom. But she evinced no sign of fear or terror. Calmly, sweetly, patiently she resigned herself to her fate. And so we know that she died, as she had lived, a pure, noble and brave soul. If she lacked any Christian or womanly virtue, her bereaved parents, kindred and friends are unconscious of it.

Newspaper: Porter County Vidette
Date of Publication: March 1, 1883
Volume Number: 27
Issue Number: 9
Page: 5
Column(s): 3

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