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Thomas J. McLaughlin

The mortal tenement of the late Thomas J. McLaughlin was consigned to the bosom of mother earth, Wednesday. The funeral services were held in St. Paul's church, Valparaiso, beginning at 9 o'clock. Tom died in Chicago, Monday.

Poor Tom! And is this the end of those bright dreams of the old school days? We used to go to school together, Tom and I. He was the brightest boy in all the school, and we all admitted that. He was our orator, actor, scholar and gentleman. When he get up on "speaking" days and give us "The Charge of the Six Hundred," "To Be or Not to Be," pr "Marco Bozarro," we would forget all the world and only see the picture Tom described. From old St. Paul's Tom went to Ann Arbor. There he distinguished himself, and came back to Valparaiso to enter the practice of law. He went into Judge Johnston's law office, and it was not long ere his eloquence thrilled courts and juries and his friends were proud of him. He was a favorite with all. But alas! he had one fatal weakness -- drink. That, and only that, is why Valparaiso's McLaughlin was not a Shively. From law he drifted to the stage. As an actor he was successful, but his old enemy would not let him rise. And now he is dead. Poor Tom, with all his faults, few brighter, more generous, open-hearted fellows ever lived, and on his grave will fall the tears of genuine sorrow from every eye that knew him intimately. Enemies he had none. A strange world, this. Good-bye, old friend, good-bye.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: December 9, 1892
Volume Number: 9
Issue Number: 35
Page: 1
Column(s): 5

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