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William McCool

Deceased -- Wm. McCool, sen., of Portage township, Porter county, Ind., Dec. 8, 1884, aged 77 years, 8 months and 8 days. He was born April 1, 1807, in Norfolk Co., Canada West. He was married to Cyrena Sterling Feb. 26, 1828. He came with his young family to Porter county Nov. 3d, 1846. He united with the M. E. church in the fall of 1848, and continued in its membership till death. Of 7 children that reached maturity 4 have died. Of his father's family only 1 remains, an aged brother in feebleness and decline. Mr. McCool had extensive acquaintance in Valparaiso and the west part of the county. He was much esteemed as an intelligent citizen and most thoroughgoing farmer and business man. By industry and good management together with fortunate investments, he had besides supporting a large family secured a large and profitable farm upon which he had been living over 30 years. He was one of the few older citizens whose number is becoming so small, and his departure makes a wide break in the thinned ranks of the veterans. He was of sanquine temperament, and hence while always active in meeting present issues, lived much in the future.He was a man of strong and commanding will, and hence was thoroughgoing and often seemingly wilful. He was naturally most affectionate, and was especially so toward young children. He was among the most loyal citizens during the war, outspoken and often vehement in his patriotic utterances. He was a radical temperance man. From the time when under the lectures of the eccentric Littlejohn Twenty-mile prairie was ablaze with temperance zeal and fire till his death, he was a ready and pronounced advocate of temperance and prohibition. With his temperament he was liable to mistakes and also to offense, but he was not inclined to hold grudges. When asked on his death bed if there was any person whom he ought to see and speak with about anything, he responded that he thought he had not an enemy in the world, and he had no unkind feeling toward any mortal. His last illness was preceded by many months of decline, and thus he had a lengthend and quiet evening of life in which to arrange all matters that needed attention before his departure. He died at 9:45 p. m. without a struggle. The funeral services were held at McCool's chapel Wednesday the 10th, at 1 p. m., Rev. Mr. Kent, of Jacksonville, Ill., son-in-law of the deceased, conducting the service. Tho' the day was disagreeable the attendance was quite large, and all seemed to feel that one of our best citizens had passed away.


Newspaper: Porter County Vidette
Date of Publication: December 18, 1884
Volume Number: 28
Issue Number: 51
Page: 5
Column(s): 5

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