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Cyrena McCool

McCOOL, IND., NOV. 30th, 1885.

EDITOR VIDETTE: -- For the gratification of many friends I submit the following: Cyrena Sterling was born in the State of New York, May 8th, 1811. When about four years old moved with her parents to Canada West. Her mother died six years later leaving her and eight other children all under sixteen years. There were fourteen in the family who grew to maturity. Those who knew her in early life speak of her as a lively, loveable, fine looking, but candid girl. She was married to William McCool, Feb. 26th, 1828, at the early age of seventeen.

The fore part of her married life was spent in Canada. She moved with her husband and four children to Porter county, Ind., Nov. 3rd, 1846, where she has since resided. She was the mother of twelve children, seven of whom grew to maturity. Only three sons survive her. Since the death of her aged husband which occurred the 8th of last December, she has expressed a great desire to visit her only remaining sisters, Mrs. Sill, of East Saginaw, and Mrs. Kimble, of Swartz Creek, Mich. Fearing the heat of summer would overcome her the visit was postponed until September 15th, when in company with her grand-daughter, Miss Anah McCool. She started happy and in seeming good health on her journey. They arrived safely in Saginaw after a pleasant's day ride and not feeling much fatigued. Had a most delightful visit with her sister and other relatives there of two weeks. Then they went to Bay City where two more weeks passed pleasantly by visiting with her nephews, Wm. and Thomas McCool, who spared no pains to make her stay with them enjoyable. She went out riding almost daily to different places of interest and she seemed to enhter into their plans with much interest for one of her age. On their return they stopped again at Saginaw for a few days, bidding their friends farewell. The parting between the aged sisters was particularly affecting. Arriving at Swartz Creek they found the sister Mrs. Eliza Kimble, who is over 80 years old, and living with her daughter Mrs. Albert Bush, in her usual health. The visit between the to aged sisters for the week following is something long to be remembered by those who saw it. Sitting side by side and talking over the past their cup of joy seemed full, ah! ho could believe then it would have so sad an ending. When mention of home and parting was made a few days later, Mrs. Kimble said "Do not speak of it for it will kill me to think of it to-night," and soon followed the good-night caresses. In the morning, not hearing any sound in Mrs. Kimble's room, they went in and found her insensible and cold having suffered a stroke of paralysis in the night. She was partially restored to consciousness. The shock to Mother McCool was severe, and though wishing much to return to her home, she could not think of leaving her dear old sister thus. On the 17th she made up her mind to start for home on the following morning, having stayed a week longer, and was making some little preparations, when, upon stooping down, she was taken with cerebral hemorrhage or apoplexy. She staggered to the room where the others were sitting, and was aided to the couch and went into convulsions, which it seemed impossible for her to live through, but did and regained her consciousness for a few hours.

A telegram came to us at the old home in two hours from the time of the calamity and as soon as steam could carry us we were by the dear old mother's bed-side. She was never entirely rational, but she recognized us and thought herself at home, which was a confort but even that lasted only an hour or two. Mrs. Sill came down from Saginaw accompanied by Mrs. Marietta Carpenter Ladue. Nothing could be more heartrendering than the pleadings of the dear old aunt for recognition or one endearing word from the dying sister. She passed from the bed-side of one sister to the other weeping and wringing her hands in such agony that we feared her prostration also. On Sabbath evening, Nov. 22, at 7:30 p. m., after five days and nights of the most intense suffering, which we hope was not realized; our poor old mother passed away from earth, leaving us grief-stricken indeed and nearly 300 miles from home. Mother McCool has lived a consistent Christian life for over forty years. She was forbearing, sympathetic, and self-sacrificing, with a large warm motherly heart, and dearly beloved by all. Every aid and comfort that could be bestowed upon us by the people of Swartz Creek was kindly given us in our affliction, the remembrance of which we shall gratefully carry with us through life. We arrived safely at our home with the remains in good condition on the evening of the 24th, and the funeral took place at one p. m. the following day at McCool's Chapel. Thus we have lain away both parents inside of a year.


Newspaper: Porter County Vidette
Date of Publication: December 3, 1885
Volume Number: 29
Issue Number: 49
Page: 4
Column(s): 3 and 4

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