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Dorotha Martz

At Rest.

Mrs. Dorotha LaHayn (Nee Martz) was born in Monben brook, Holstein on the first of November 1828.

She came to the U. S. about the year 1854 and made Laporte her home. Here she was united in matrimony to Mr. Charles LaHayn, in the same year. The couple made Laporte their home a few years when they concluded to move to Porter Co. They chose their abode at what is now known as Old Porter. After living here somewhere about five years, they moved again, and settled in the woods near what is now McCool Station or on the spot where the town of LaHayn is now being started.

At this time, however there was not a sign of a village or station in the vicinity, and about their only companions were forests and the wild beasts that dwelt therein. But by strong determination, hard work, and frugality which were required in those days of struggle and hardship, they arose to property and the dense forest was cleared away and what they found a wilderness, they left converted into a nicely cultivated farm, and the log cabin and log stable gave way to a nice frame house and barn with an inviting garden and yard around them. But about the time this was completed Mr. LaHayn, the father of the family, who had lived in poor health some years previous, became worse and died. This took place about 8 years ago. About a year or so after the father left the family, Mrs. LaHayn concluded to make a visit to her childhood home in Germany. After sojourning in the old country about a year, she returned to Porter Co. and chose Chesterton her place of residence where she lived with youngest son (August) to the last of her life.

Mrs. LaHayn was the mother of 6 children, 4 boys and 2 girls. The youngest daughter and youngest of the family died just 14 years previous to the day of her mother's funeral.

Mother LaHayn generally speaking enjoyed good health till about a year ago it seems she took cold which terminated in la grippe and finally settled on her lungs. From that time on her health continued to failed but yet she was up and around by spells and did her own work the greater part of the time till about two months ago when she became bedfast, gradually growing weaker and weaker until 1:40 o'clock Sunday morning Feb. 5, 1893, when she died. She quietly fell asleep to that long and peaceful rest which means eternity to us, and thus she was released of all suffering trials and care at an age of 64 years, 3 months and 4 days.

Mother L. was a true and devoted wife and mother, a good neighbor and when assistance became necessary in case of need or sickness she was ever ready and willing to aid.

The funeral took place at the McCool Chapel, Feb. 7, and the remains were placed in their last and long resting place in the McCool Cemetery beside her husband and daughter.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: February 17, 1893
Volume Number: 9
Issue Number: 45
Page: 5
Column(s): 4 and 5

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