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Charles S. Marshall

CHARLES S. MARSHALL was born Nov. 28th, 1860, on Morgan Prairie, this county, where he resided until his eighth year he removed with his parents to their present beautiful farm and home a few miles west of our city. There his childhood and indeed his whole life was spent, for in an unusual degree his semiinvalid condition had made him peculiarly the child of the home. Unfitted often for the severe toil of the farm, he was the thoughtful and appreciative helper of his mother and sisters in their labors within the house. With a taste of reading and study he made diligent effort to secure an education, and as his health permitted he attended both the high school and the normal of our city, and his associates and old class mates will long hold him in pleasant remembrance now that he is gone, because of his many pleasant traits of character. Thus as the years have passed the hope of returning health has again and again been blighted by the ascendency of disease. It, however, has been within the last two years that in a marked degree that his health has failed and his disease become more difficult of control and complicated in character. Notwithstanding all this he still tried to be about and even attempted to take part in last summer's work on the farm, but in June he had to give up, and ever since has been more or less closely confined to his house. His friends have felt for some time that he could not recover, and yet as is usually the case, the actual coming of the messenger of death was a surprise, more so, undoubtedly, to them than to him, for his attitude was that of glad anticipation, and the murmured prayer of his lips was "let me go! let me go!" Within the last six months it was evident that he was rapidly failing, having at time hours of terrible suffering from his heart, and other fases of the disease. In accordance with his wish and hoping it might be a benefit to him, he was removed for some two weeks to his sister's, Mrs. Cornell's, in town. Here he steadily grew worse, but with his wasting strength a great longing came over him to see the dear old country home once more, and so with tender care he was conveyed back again, and there 'mid scenes of his childhood and his youth he passed away. It was a source of great satisfaction to him and will ever be to his family that they could thus in his last days on earth, lovingly minister to his wants in the old homestead, rather than if he had died with strangers hundreds of miles away, as is so often the case with invalids, in the vain hope that change of place or climate will benefit them.

Some eight years ago at a union religious service in the neighborhood school-house, Charley was deeply interested in religious matters, but it remained for the closing period of his life to reveal to him the preciousness of his Saviour's love and guided by the Holy Spirit, he was led into completeness of truth into rich and satisfying experience. Naturally of a reticent disposition his lips were unsealed to speak with boldness, words of earnest and far reaching council. His voice was heard in Sacred song, and again and again in prayer he led the family as it were into the very presence chamber of God. To them on earth there can scarcely be a holier shrine than the memories of those last closing days of Charlie's life. May his prayers and his wishes find fulfillment for them in that home which he exchanged as better even than the one he loved so well here.

Thus has passed away the son endeared by much care, the loving, appreciative brother, the true and constant friend. His mission has ended, his conflicts are past. His last hours were not so much harrassed by physical suffering as was feared. The poor body wasted by pain and inability to retain nourishment, grew weaker in its vital forces until they ceased to act, and as one sinking to slumber, Tuesday morning, May 12th, just at the breaking of the dawn his spirit took its flight mid the matin song of birds to join in the sweeter song of the redeemed above.


Newspaper: Porter County Vidette
Date of Publication: May 21, 1885
Volume Number: 29
Issue Number: 21
Page: 4
Column(s): 6

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