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Harry Malone

(From Friday's Daily)

Jmaes R. Malone received the shocking news last night that his son, Captain Harry Malone, of the United States army, lay dead at El Paso, Tex., where he had recently arrived from Honolulu. Details of the sickness that caused the untimely end of a brilliant officer are lacking. It is the belief, however, that Captain Malone, coming in from the balmy zone, encountered weather at El Paso that was unseasonable and the change brought on pneumonia. The wife of the soldier was to arrive in El Paso this morning from San Francisco, and not until then could she receive knowledge of her husband's death. She had expected to join him there after a separation of several months, she having remained with relatives on the coast during his absence in the islands.

Mr. Malone, nearly overcome with grief, left here on a forenoon train for Chicago to see his children in that city in regard to a trip to the Texas city. Sould one of them not be in a position to make the trip, Mr. Malone, himself, will undertake the journey for the purpose of bringing the body here for the funeral and the last resting place.

Captain Malone had come up to his station from the ranks. He had passed second in an examination of 400, and then received his appointment from the president. He first enlisted in the Spanish-American war and this took him to the Pacific coast, where he was set to work training recruits. Finally he requested to be put out on the fighting line, and his transfer to the Philippines was the result. There he did much valiant service and passed through some of the lively battles that followed.

Captain Malone was a man of fine physique and good morales, and made many friends wherever he went. He was born in this city when his father was sheriff. He was married several years ago to a Montana girl, who has remained with him near his posts of duty whenever possible. A few months ago, when he was sent to Honolulu, she remained in San Francisco with relatives, and left there as soon as she knew he had arrived in Texas. The shock that undoubtedly met her this morning must have been a hard one to bear.

The deceased is survived by the following brothers and sisters: Mrs. Charles Bartholomew, residing just south of this city; Mrs. Della Spencer, of East Main street; Mrs. Martin Edinger, Richard Malone and Chester Malone, all of Chicago, and Wilson Malone, whose whereabouts is unknown at present.

Newspaper: The Porter County Vidette
Date of Publication: January 26, 1916
Volume Number:
Issue Number:
Page: 2
Column(s): 1

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