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Carrie Magee

In Memoriam.
Last Monday the people of Hebron were aroused at an early hour by the ringing of the Christian-church bell. In a few minutes the object was made known, as it ceased rining and began slowly to recount the 11 short years of the life of Carrie Magee.

Her place will be missed in the Sunday-school. Although Mr. Magee lives some distance from town his children, when it was possible for him to bring them, always had a place in our Sunday-school. By this means and the instruction of her Christian parents Carried learned of Jesus how to build a character for heaven. --

Her teacher will miss her presence in the school room, and especially will her absence be felt from her classes, as she was one who stood at the head of her class, always ready to do her part whatever that might be.

Strange as it may seem she selected the following stanzas, committed them to memory and then in her timid way asked permission to speak them. The request was granted as she came forward, for the last time as it were, bidding all farewell, and spoke of the dark valley which she was about to enter:


If I were dead, would you, dear one,
Come to see what death had done?
If I were lying cold and white,
All clasped in death's embraces tight,
Would you look at me with surprise
To think that death hath closed my eyes?
And would you pity me that I
In youth's bright time should have to die.

Oh! would you lay your hand on mine,
Which in dear love had clasped mine?
And would you call to me in vain,
And ask me to speak once again?
And when they said "God Will is best,"
And laid in the ground to rest,
Would you shed tears upon my grave,
And leave some flowers there to wave?

It is so queer that I'd not know
If my grave were filled up with snow,
So queer to think that through all the years
I would know nothing of your tears --
Would never know, dear one, that you
Were mourning for my friendship true;
But would lie there so pale and still,
Struck with death's awful icy chill.

Yes, "God's will is best," and while father and mother, sister and brother mourn their loss she will be infinitely happier in heaven.

The funeral services were conducted by E. B. Cross at the residence on Monday, Sept. 30, at 1 p. m., after which her remains were placed in the Boone-grove cemetery.

Newspaper: Porter County Vidette
Date of Publication: December 3, 1885
Volume Number: 29
Issue Number: 49
Page: 4
Column(s): 1

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