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Katie Longshore

Funeral of Miss Katie Longshore.

Obituaries are usually overdrawn. The virtues of the deceased are greatly magnified, and if poor qualities there were, they seldom appear in a death notice. So much is this the case that when a person whose life is so near perfect, as was the subject of this sketch, dies, it is hardly possible to do justice, for the phrases that would express the truth have become common to almost every obituary. Katie was taken ill about the first of February while at Chicago, and after being brought home continued to grow gradually worse until last week, when her sufferings ended in death. We are sure of striking a responsive chord in many hearts when we say that she was an extraordinary person, possessing as much of what is termed as goodness as any we ever knew. During her illness she anticipated death and resignedly made all necessary preparations. She desired Rev. L. C. Buckles to preach the funeral sermon, selecting the appropriate passage "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord." She selected the persons to array her body for the coffin and appointed the place of burial. As dissolution approached she bade her parents, brothers and friends good-bye and passed away so quietly that the exact period of death could harldy be told. Mr. Longshore then telegraphed to Rev. L. C. Buckles at Michigan City but the operator was unable to find him, although every effort was made. The funeral service took place Thursday afternoon from the M. E. church. It was conducted by Dr. Wm. Graham, who was assisted by Rev. R. Beer and Elder E. S. Riley after which mourning friends attended the body to its last resting place, in the Kimball grave yard.

A convincing proof of Katie's estimable qualities may be found in the constant attention received from neighbors and friends during illness, and the beautiful floral offerings presented as burial decorations, among which were a cross and wreath by Miss Rebecca Batholomew; a cross and other flowers by Mrs. Don A. Salyer, who, assisted by others, decorated the church for the service; an anchor by Mrs. Dr. Beer; a cross and wreath by Miss Josie Pierce, and a large cross by Mrs. E. L. Whitcomb, which was left in the coffin, being arranged to represent "Clinging to the Cross." Mr. and Mrs. Longshore desire us to express their heartfelt thanks for the untiring kindness shown during sickness and death, and especially to Mrs. T. H. Patrick, Mrs. D. S. White, Mrs. R. Bell, Mrs. E. L. Whitcomb, Mrs. H. Dalson and Mrs. S. Hiser; also to Miss Lizzie Babcock, Maggie Beer and Lizzie Holler, who came every day to visit and cheer the sick girl; also to Mrs. T. G. Miller for grapes and other fruit so kindly presented, and to those who accompanied the procession so far to the tomb.


K een the blad that has sundered the life-thread its twain,
I n discovering fibres grow anguish and pain!
T was the rending of hopes, all delusive and gone.
T he flattering illusions in sadness withdrawn.
I nstead came a message that clouded our day,
E ven wafting the spirit of Kittie away.

L ight, to her, came -- to us, not a glimmering ray!

L ife's visions are fleeting -- we wake from the dream
O f thoughts that we cherished, how falsely, they gleam!
N ow we catch at a sun-beam -- while gazing, it flies,
G oing out like a phantom that beckons -- then dies.
S o perish our earth-joys --
H ow swiftly they fly,
O nly those hopes are lasting that anchor on high --
R esting safe in the heaven -- secured to the blest,
E ach wave lulled to peace, and no storm to molest.

Newspaper: Porter County Vidette
Date of Publication: July 18, 1878
Volume Number: 22
Issue Number: 29
Page: 3
Column(s): 9

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