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John Longley

John Longley, In a Fit of Insanity, Shuffles off This Mortal Coil,
After Firing Three Shots, Hits Himself Once
And Expires Inside of Three Hours.

Last Saturday at three o'clock, p. m. John Longley, sometimes called "The Woodville Poet," living about three quarters of a mile west of Woodville, shot himself in the forehead, expiring after two hours of suffering.

For the past seventeen months Mr. Longley has been subject to fits of melancholy, brought on by two causes. Previous to that time he had drank considerably, and was on the habit of getting on protracted sprees. His daughter whom he seemed to think much of, died. Longley then stopped drinking, and made a vow that should he ever drink again, he would kill himself. Since that time he faithfully abstained from liquor, but his mind continually dwelt on his dead daughter. The cravings of appetite and the loss of his daughter, made sad have with his naturally morbid nature, and at times he was really insane. Besides these causes, he had considerable trouble with neighbors. this state of affairs kept growing worse, until at last, the unfortunate man determined to kill himself. Some time ago he had told his wife that he was going to die soon, and asked her what became of one who killed himself. She answered, by quoting a passage in the Bible. Subsequent to that time his talk led Mrs. Longley to believe that her husband might commit some kind of crime against himself or others, and she went to such neighbors as had weapons, and forbid them lending them to her husband. But notwithstanding these precautions he got a revolver from a German neighbor, Mr. -------, who had not been notified, and did not know the condition of Longley. On getting the weapon, he said something had been killing his chickens, and he wanted to kill it. He got the weapon last Wednesday, and then seemed to bend all his energies toward getting a number of neighbors to his house. Thursday he wished his wife to invite a neighbor to stay all night at their house, but she objected because they had no sleeping accommodations. A short time after Longley went to Woodville, stopping at the store. While there, he burst out crying, without any apparent cause. Saturday he went to Henry Seivers to get him to come and cut some wood. This was in the morning. Seivers having other work, said he could not come, but Longley insisted so hard, that he finally came just before dinner. After sawing until nearly thee o'clock Longley called him into the house. He sat down for some minutes in the sitting room, with Mr. and Mrs. Longley and the children. Mrs. Longley had occasion to leave the room, when her husband stepped into an adjoining bed room, and laid down on the floor. Mrs. L. on returning, stepped to the bed-room door to ask her husband to come and lay down on the lounge by the fire. Just as she opened the door, a shot was fired, the bullet hitting the door. The young man Seivers, at that became frightened and ran out of the house. Then Mrs. Longley, frightened too, ran with the children out doors. Just as they got outside two more shots followed in quick succession. The young man then went around to the room where Longley was and saw him laying on the floor, and writhing in the agonies of death. The neighbors were called in, and physicians summoned. The first shot fired did not strike him, one of the last two struck him in the forehead. He lived two hours, expiring at 5 o'clock, never uttering a word after entering the bed-room.

The coroner was notified, and held inquest, as his verdict Suicide. The funeral occured on Tuesday Jan 26th.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: January 28, 1886
Volume Number: 2
Issue Number: 44
Page: 1
Column(s): 6

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