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John Litkey

John Litkey Killed by a Chance Blow Delivered by Wm. Kamper.

A sad tragedy occurred at Badur's saloon, at Otis last Thursday, in which John Litkey lost his life through an accidently blow in the abdomen given by Wm. Kamper, ex-trustee of Pine township, this county. Litkey went to Badur's saloon between 7 and 8 o'clock that morning, and shortly after Wm. Kamper came in. The two men indulged in several drinks of liquor, when Litkey fell into a sparring mood, and claimed that he was the best boxer in the place. By 12 o'clock both men were intoxicated and hungry. They started for dinner, but just before leaving the saloon, Litkey again bantered Kamper for a contest. He followed up his banter by slapping Kamper's face, making his nose bleed. Kamper told Litkey to quit, and with a back hand movement, struck him in the abdomen. The blow took the wind out of Litkey, and both men sat down for a few minutes. The injured man rapidly grew worse, and was taken to Badur's house and a physician summoned. It was discovered that a blood vessel was ruptured, and a few hours afterward the victim died. Before he expired the dying man made a statement that Kamper was in no way to blame, and requested that nothing be done about it. Mrs. Litkey and a brother of the deceased both said that they were satisfied that the death was accidental, and they desired nothing done. The coroner of Laporte county held an inquest and exonerated Kamper. The funeral of the deceased took place Saturday from the Lutheran church, Otis, and as the family is in poor circumstances Kamper assisted in defraying the expenses.

Mr. Kamper is almost wild over the affair, and a report is current that he has resolved to keep away from saloons hereafter. He is a fine fellow, of good family, and his only weakness is the intoxicating cup. If Litkey's death will accomplish his reformation, the poor fellow will not have died in vain.

Newspaper: The Chesterton Tribune
Date of Publication: April 10, 1896
Volume Number: 12
Issue Number: 52
Page: 1
Column(s): 5

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