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Emma Linderman

In Memoriam.
Died, -- January 3rd, 1888, at her home in Liberty township, Miss Emma Linderman, aged 16 years, 5 months and 18 days. In her death her parents sustain a severe loss and their affliction have the sympathy of all their friends and neighbors. Deceased was endeared to all who knew her by her sweet and amiable disposition, and pleasing social qualities. Respected and loved by all who knew her, cur down in youthful vigor, after a lingering sickness she gently passed away. During 3 months of suffering, her parents did everything in their power to alleviate her suffering and to prolong the lfe of her whom they fondly looked upon as the pride of their future years. But it was not to be so; that fell destroyer had fastened his clutches upon this fair young flower and claimed her for his own. Death is at all times sad and sorrowful, but never more so than when it snatches away a fair young daughter, just in the bloom of youth and with many years of usefulness before her. Then it is that death is considered as something more than sorrowful, the heart seems crushed as if with great weight and as if nothing could soften or soothe our grief. To those whose home has been rifled of a treasure, mere words are but weak instruments of comfort or solace, and we would say, parents become resigned to your lot, with the hope, that your daughter has taken her abode under the benign care of her heavenly father. The funeral services at the German Lutheran church, conducted by Rev. Schlecter, were very large and remains were followed to the cemetery by a large concourse of friends and relatives. Many a tear was dropped by the heart-broken parents and loving brothers as she was lowered to her last resting place.

Dearest Emma now we will miss thee,
Thy pleasant face no more we'll see,
You have left this world of care and sorrow,
To take your station in the mansions of the blest.

Through long weeks of pain and suffering,
Father and mother watched with anxious face,
Their lovely Emma slowly sinking,
Death daily creeping apace.

Efforts of parents and friends could not save thee,
Medical skill, its aid we sought in vain.
Everything we'd do, could we retain thee;
The light of our household once more to be.

But the longest night has always a morning,
And your end we saw was drawing nigh,
And with hope down cast and heart near broken
We watched for the drawing of your last sigh.

And, when the last hour was near at hand,
How eagerly each loved face you scanned,
As if one last farewell you sought
From those you on earth would see no more.

With evenings shade your spirit went
With the messenger whom God, in mercy sent
Now she peacefully sleepth her suffering are o'er,
May she happily rest on heavens bright shore.

Farewell dear Emma, may all love
Be thine, fond daughter, unmixed by pain.
In the bright land of Saints above,
We hope to meet out dear Emma again.

-- Florence McAuliffe.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: January 12, 1888
Volume Number: 4
Issue Number: 40
Page: 1
Column(s): 2 and 3

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