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C. H. Langeloh

A sad accident occurred last Saturday near Heineman's crossing of the Fort Wayne railroad, in which Mr. C. H. Langeloh lost his life. He had only a few months since emigrated to this country from Germany in company with Mr. Nuppnan, brother of the proprietor of the Franklin house, at which place he boarded. Mr. Langeloh was employed in the stone gang on the Fort Wayne road, and was engaged in that labor at the time of his death, which was about ten o'clock in the forenoon. The day was stormy and it was difficult to hear the sound of approaching trains. The work train, enginer No. 138, engineer Peter Carter, approaching the position of the workmen who seeing it, moved away from the track, except Mr. Langeloh, who seemed not to see or hear the coming train. The engineer and fireman state that the usual signal of ringing the bell was given, and others heard the same. All supposed that Mr. Langleloh knew the train was nearing, until they saw the engine strike him. He was struck with such force as to throw him about two rods from the track. His fellow laborers hastened to him but all signs of life had fled from his body. He was picked up by his companions and brought to Valparaiso on the work train. The body was taken in charge by the coroner, who held an inquest which resulted in the rendering of the following verdict: "Came to his death by reason of injuries received from enginer No. 138, extra, of the P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Co. Said engine in charge of Peter Carter, engineer, while back from Wanatah to Valparaiso, struck C. H. Langeloh, fracturing his skull, breaking his arm, and otherwise injuring him, causing his death in about five minutes from the time of the accident. Said accident occurred about two and a half miles east of the city of Valparaiso, at or near what is called Heineman's crossing. From the testimony of witnesses we hold the occurrence to be the result of accident. A. P. LETHERMAN, Coroner."

Mr. Langeloh was a single man about thirty-years of age. He was a native of Kellinghusen, in Schleswig, Holstein, Germany. He left behind him, in the fatherland a mother, sister and brother, to whose hearts the news of his death will bring sadness. He came to this country, like many others of his countrymen, to better his fortunes and make a home in a free land, only to be cut off just at the opening to him of prosperity. By his fellow laborers he was held in high esteem as an honest, faithful, and industrious workman. His funeral was preached last Sunday by Rev. Lange at the Lutheran church. His body was interred in the new cemetery where his friends purchased for him a lot. They have also purchased a neat tombstone to mark his resting place. No blame attaches to the railroad company or its employes for the death of Mr. Langeloh.

Newspaper: Porter County Vidette
Date of Publication: November 24, 1881
Volume Number: 25
Issue Number: 47
Page: 5
Column(s): 2

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