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Matthias Klopp

One More Candidate For The Gallows.
Maurice Leahy, well-known hereabouts, being a member of the Leahy family, who formerly lived near the Baltimore railroad, about four miles south west of here, is a fugitive from justice, and wanted for the awful crime of murder. Some time ago the Leahy family moved to Hegeswich, a town near Hammond, and just across the line. The family had not been heard of hereabouts for some time, and it was thought that their reign of terror was ended. But such was not to be. Friday Maurice Leahy appeared on our streets, and spent a busy day shaking the hands of old acquaintances. To some of these he confided the fact that he had gotten into a saloon row over a game of cards at Hegeswich and had whipped his man. Nothing serious as a murder was thought of, those knowing him, supposing it to be a little row, the injuries amounting to a few bruises. On Friday night two officers came to Chesterton, armed with warrants for Leahy's arrest. At the time it was supposed that Maurice was in town, and stopping at the house of a relative, but for some reason best known to the officers, a search was not made, and they went back home. On Saturday night, Jack Leahy, a brother of Maurice, came down from Hegeswich, and following him were three officers. It was then ascertained that Maurice Leahy had assaulted an old man on the Thursday previous, and the victim died on Saturday night. This is supposed to be the news Jack brought to his brother, and it gave him time to escape. At any rate, Maurice could not be found or tracked.

At the inquest, which was held on the body of the victim the Chicago Times says: "the body of Matthias Klopp, who died at the county hospital Saturday night from injuries received in an assault made on him last Thursday by Maurice Leahy in a Hegeswich saloon, it was shown that Leahy, without provocation, felled him to the floor with a heavy chair because he refused Leahy drinks, and the Coroner's jury recommended that Leahy be apprehended and held to the criminal court for trial for murder."

It seems that the victim, Klopp, was an old man 65 years of age, who was standing at the bar at the time of the tragedy. Leahy came in and wanted the drinks, and the old man refused to pay for them. This angered Leahy, who then picked up a heavy chair and struck him a fearful blow, the leg of the chair knocking out one of his eyes. Klopp fell to the floor, and Leahy jumped on him, striking him again and again. Leahy then skipped, and came straight to Chesterton. The unfortunate man lived until Saturday evening. Leahy is supposed to have gone to Michigan, but some profess to think that he is still in this county.

Since the above was written we learn that J. Wagner, chief of the South Chicago police was in Valparaiso Tuesday in search of Leahy, and while there received a dispatch ordering him to San Pierre, where Leahy was thought to be hiding, and in company with ex-marshall Keyes, he started for that place. The officers are armed with authority to take Leahy dead or alive.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: May 24, 1888
Volume Number: 5
Issue Number: 6
Page: 1
Column(s): 6

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