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Matthew Kevan

Matthew Kevan, Who Lives Near the Joliet Bridge, Shot by a Student.

To-day there is considerable excitement on the streets because of the shooting which occurred last evening on the Joliet bridge, near the western city limits.

There are so many conflicting versions of the affair that it is rather difficult to get at the facts of the case. The story most generally given and believed is the following: Yesterday evening a couple of students, who reside somewhere in Kentucky, were out for a walk. They sauntered over to the Joliet bridge and while there were ordered away by Matthew Kevan. The students refused to go, claiming it to be a public highway. A scuffle ensued, and in the fight one of the students, pulled a revolver and fired at Kevan, hitting him in the abdomen and producing a probably fatal wound.

A report was on the street this morning to the effect that the wounded man was dead, but this was not so, yet there is little hope for his recovery.

After the shooting the students left, but where they went no one seems to know. The officers have made a vigilant search, but up to the hour of going to press, no news of them has been received. The general verdict seems to be that of self-defense, although it's hard to tell just exactly how it was.

The bullet has done it's work, and Matthew Keven is dead.

The shooting affray of last Sunday night has proven fatal. It has been conceeded from the first that Kevan could not recover, yet it has been natural for the friends to have hope. The ball entered the abdomen in such a manner that death was inevitable.

Matthew Keven was a large robustious man, of about 30 years of age. For some time past he ahd been working on the railroad, and was considered a good workman. He leaves a wife and three children to mourn his loss. Being without a sufficient means for living, their case becomes a rather hard and pitiful one.

There is something rather strange in this affair. The different stories concerning the shooting are almost as numerous as there are tongues to tell them. Such being the case, it is imposssible to sift out the facts. However, as we have said before, the general verdict is that of self-defense.

No clue to the students has yet been obtained. We say "students," because it is the prevailing opinion that the perpetrators were attending the normal. However there is nothing to substantiate this fact, and for the mere reason that they were not known to the parties on the bridge, is no reason they should be classed as normalites. It would be better all around if the people would only relate what they know to be true.

Newspaper: Porter County Vidette
Date of Publication: June 5, 1884
Volume Number: 28
Issue Number: 23
Page: 4
Column(s): 4

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