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William Kelly

Conductor Wm. Kelly, of the Burdick Pusher, Thrown from his Engine by a Stray Plank and Killed.

Wm. Kelly, conductor of the Pusher stationed at New Burdick met his death in a shocking manner Tuesday morning, April 4th, at 9:15 o'cloc, while on duty. The engine was manned by Engineer Pat Hamill and fireman Charley Bedencup. Kelly and Bedencup were standing on a plank laid across the front of the engine, while Hamill was sending her down a sidetrack at Old Burdick for some cars. Sometime before a lot of plank had been unloaded at the road crossing, which were so close to the rails of the side track that the plank on the moving engine struck them. The collision threw Conductor Kelly about twenty feet into the air, and he came down on the rails to be rolled under the cowcatcher. The horrified engineer revered his engine and stopped her in time to prevent the unfortunate man from being cut in two by the wheels, but too late to save his life. On being picked up it was found that his ribs were all caved in, his arm broken and that he was dying. Kelly was put on 72 and brought to Chesterton. From the time of the accident until the last moment, he retained consciousness, and died just as he was being laid on the operating chair in Dr. Corey's office, only a few minutes after the accident.

Conductor Kelly was popular among the west end Lake Shore boys, but seems to have been born to bad luck. A few years ago, while coupling cars, he lost his left hand. Two years ago he lost an eye from a not cinder piercing the ball. His third accident took his life. He has been stationed at New Burdick as conductor of the Pusher for a number of years. The engine is there to push heavy trains over the hill between New Burdick and Laporte, and has two crews. He was a single man, about 30 years old, and has parents living near Laporte.

The remains were taken to the undertaking room of J. B. Lundberg, and viewed by Coroner Coates Tuesday afternoon, and Wednesday morning shipped to Laporte for burial. Coroner Coates held an inquest Wednesday, and examined a number of witnesses, but at this writing, has not rendered a verdict. On the person of the dead man was found some valuable papers, one of them being a contract between the Lake Shore company and Kelly in which the latter agrees to release the company from all damages from accident caused through his own carelessness. It will be for Coroner Coates to decide whether the dead man came to his death through carelessness or not. The facts indicate that he did not. Should a suit for damages be brought against the railroad company, the finding of the Coroner will be important.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: April 7, 1893
Volume Number: 9
Issue Number: 52
Page: 1
Column(s): 3

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