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Felix Karros

Loomis' Factory In Ruins. The Night Watchman Perishes in the Flames.
65 Men Thrown Out of Employment.

From Our Special Correspondent.
LAPORTE, Nov. 29th
Shortly before midnight the citizens of Laporte were aroused from their slumbers by the fierce clanging of the fire bell, and the omnious blowing of the Water Works whistle. Investigation developed the fact that the whole interior of the building fronting Indiana Avenue, owned and occupied by the Loomis Co., manufacturers of cutters and buggy bodies, was on fire. The firemen responded promptly to the alarm, but the flames made such rapid headway that all effort to save the building was abandoned and they at once directed their attention to saving adjoining property, which was in great danger of destruction, and only by their exertions and efficient work was the property saved.

and as the flames rose higher and higher the scene was most appalling. The large building in the rear was rapidly becoming filled with smoke. A few minutes later the flames with trememdous force leaped across the chasm, and the hope that this building might be saved was doomed to disappointment. The entire building was now one immense flame of fire.

ABOUT 1:30
the south walls fell with a loud crash and the air was filled with flying debris and showers of sparks. Several narrowly escaped being burried in this avalance of brink.

now gained credence that Felis Karros, the night watchman, had not been seen. Search was made for him but without avail. It now became apparent that he had perished in the building. What a terrible death. The theory advanced by many was that he was about to go from the second floor to the first, and missing his footing fell, his latern breaking setting fire to the building. The fall probably rendered him unconscious and there he lay until the heat and close proximity of the flames aroused him, when it was too late for him to make his escape and there he perished and with him was buried the only source of knowledge as to the origin of the fire. The fire was got under control soon after two o'clock.

blackened walls and huge piles of broken machinery marked the place where only the day before stood one of LaPorte's leading industries. From the blackened ruins rose dense clouds of white smoke.

had congregated drawn by curiosity and to assist in the finding of the body of Karros. On the strength of theory before mentioned the work of clearing up the debris was begun where the stairway stood in the south-east part of the building fronting Indiana Avenue. Sadly the workmen toiled on expecting that every board they lifted would reveal to them the lifeless body of Karros. About 11 o'clock their search was rewarded by the finding of his remains which were burned to an unrecognizable mass. They were at once taken to Undertaker Ball, where an inquest was held by Coroner Annis.

of Mrs. Korros on learning of the discovery of her husbands body was pitiful in the extreme. She has the heartfelt sympathy of all in this the hour of her bereavement.

is very heavy and will probably exceed $25,000. The insurance is only about $7,000. the whole property may be condidered a total loss as but few finished cutters were got out.

whether Mr. Loomis will rebuild in this city. The loss was a very heavy one to him as the labor of his life was in the factory. About 65 men are thrown out of employment, many of whom are in destitute circumstances. LaPorte should do the proper thing by placing Mr. Loomis on his feet again.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: December 2, 1886
Volume Number: 3
Issue Number: 35
Page: 1
Column(s): 3

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