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Oscar Renholt Johnson

Claims Another Victim in The Person of Little Oscar Johnson.

A sad accident happened Saturday under thrilling circumstances, which resulted in the death of little Oscar Renholt, the 8 year old son of John Peter Johnson, of Baillytown. Oscar and his cousin Clarence, who is a year older than himself, went fishing in the Calumet river, which runs along his father's place, and wnadered on down the stream until they came to the Lake Shore railroad. Both boys were sitting on the railroad bridge fishing when the new west bound limited train came along. This was about 3:30 in the afternoon. Just east of the bridge there is a sharp curve in the railroad which completely hides from view all trains until they are almost on the bridge. When the children discovered their danger, both started to run. They were bewildered, and the older boy escaped by getting on the north track. His companion dropped down between the outer guard running along the bridge and the rail. The train passed over him without touching a hair, but at the last moment the child raised his head as the last coach was passing, and was struck by the car steps in the head. He was thrown down the embankment, thirty feet. The engineer saw the peril of the children, and put on emergency brakes, and succeeded in stopping his train as it passed the bridge. The wounded boy was taken aboard the train, and taken to Dune Park, and from there went to Chesterton on a freight. A physician was on the passenger train, who hastily bandaged the wounds and checked the flow of blood, thereby prolonging his life. He was taken to Dr. Callahan's office, where he died at 6:30 the same evening. The parents were heartbroken when they learned the sad news. The funeral was held Tuesday, the services being held at the Swedish Lutheran church at Baillytown. The victim was an unusually bright child, and his sad end cast a pall of gloom over the Baillytown community.

Newspaper: The Westchester Tribune
Date of Publication: June 12, 1897
Volume Number: 14
Issue Number: 9
Page: 1
Column(s): 5

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