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Joseph Jarvoz

The Wabash Railway the Scene of the Fatal Accident.

A young man, about twenty-eight years of age, by the name of Joseph Jarvoz, was struck and instantly killed by a freight train on the Wabash road, between three and four o'clock on Friday morning. The body was horribly mangled, having both legs cut off above the knees, the under jaw completely torn off, the face otherwise mangled and bruised, and other injuries about the body. The discovery of the accident was made by the trainmen of freight No. 91, who reported it at Crocker, and the section foreman there was immediately dispatched to Chesterton to notify an officer. Justice of the Peace Sever went at once to the scene, which was about a mile and a half east of Crocker and about ten rods the other side of the first crossing. Justice Sever ordered the remains to be gathered together and taken to the Crocker station, where an investigation was entered into as to the cause of the accident. The evidence as taken by Sever is to the effect that the man was on his way home fro Crocker on the railroad track and seeing a train coming he did not immediately step off of the track, but waited until the engine approached quite close before making an effort to get out of the way, and the ground being covered with ice and very slippery when he did not make a move it was only to slip and fall and the wheels were upon him before he could clear the rails. The verdict was accidental death from falling under a moving train.

Joseph Jarvoz had the reputation of being temperate and steady in his habits. He was in the employ of Charles Swanson as a farm laborer. He had been to the dance at Chesterton, Thursday night, and it was while on his way home from there when a quick and terrible death overtook him. On leaving he ballroom he walked to the junction of the E. J. & E. where he took a "speeder" (railroad velocipede), and proceeded to Crocker, where he left the speeder and started back on foot on Wabash track. We are informed that he has a brother at Whiting who is sick. Joseph waited on him all of Wednesday night, then attended the ball Thursday night until a late hour, being nearly forty-eight hours without sleep, and while returning on foot along the track was in a sleepy and stupid condition and hardly conscious of the danger he was in until too late.

The funeral services was held Monday at 9 o'clock at St. Patrick's church, and the remains were buried in the Catholic cemetery at Chesterton.

Newspaper: The Chesterton Tribune
Date of Publication: December 6, 1895
Volume Number: 12
Issue Number: 34
Page: 1
Column(s): 5

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