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Frank Isbey

Funeral of Frank Isbey.
(Michigan City Dispatch)

The funeral of Frank Isbey, the brake man on the Iron Mountain road, who was killed by an explosion of a locomotive a few days ago in Missouri, was held at Lake Thursday forenoon at 10 o'clock. The railroad men who attended from this city are John Beelby, Arthur Rhinehart, John Brinkman, Herman Brimmer, James Cole, Daniel Campbell, Will Short, George Weir, Del Ingles and P. B. Klasner. R. M. Beelby, of Dauphin Park, Ill., attended with the Michigan City delegation, Charles Billings lodge No. 262, B. of R. T., of this city, presented a beautiful floral offering in the design of a broken wheel. Mr. Isbey belonged to No. 105, B. of R. T., at DeSoto, and his remains were brought back by Mr. Lynch, of that Lodge, and by Ed. Isbey.

The manner in which Mr. Isbey came to his death was not known in this city until today, except that it occurred, as reported, from an explosion. The train on which Mr. Isbey was braking at the time had left DeSota and gone to Gad's Hill. It had taken a sidetrack at the latter station to meet a train, and, just as the train approached, Isbey went forward to open a switch. When the engine exploded a piece of it struck him in the side, cutting a large wound and badly scalding the victim of the accident. The funeral, as mentioned above, was held under the auspices of Charles Billings lodge, No. 262, B. of R. T. Mr. Isbey was 34 years old and unmarried. He leaves two sisters and four brothers. One of the sisters is married and lives in Englewood and the other is single and her home is at Chesterton. Of the brothers, one, Edward, resides at Kensington, and the others near Lake Station. The deceased carried a $1,200 B. of R. T. insurance, which was running in favor of his sister in Chesterton.

The members of the Chas. Billings lodge thake this method of publicly thanking Mr. and Mrs. Fabian, of Lake Station, for courtesies shown them while attending the funeral services and also the rest of the neighbors there for kindness rendered.

Newspaper: The Westchester Tribune
Date of Publication: January 2, 1897
Volume Number: 13
Issue Number: 38
Page: 4
Column(s): 2

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