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George Hughes

George Hughes, of Warsaw, a Workman on the Court House, is Crushed by a Falling Stone.

At about half past 3 o'clock Thursday afternoon the news was heralded about town that one of the court house workers had been killed, and investigation proved the rumor only too true. George Hughes had been killed by a falling stone.

Mr. Hughes superintended the hoisting of the stone to the workmen above. The masons were at work on the south side of the building, laying a line of stone that projects outward from the main wall about six inches. A stone had been put in place, and the shears lowered to the ground for another. The head-mason was inspecting the work just done, when he felt the stone beneath his feet giving way. He immediately jumped backward to the scaffolding and at the same time yelling to Hughes who was just below preparing a stone for hoisting. But the warning came too late, and George Hughes was crushed to death by the falling mass.

It is safe to say that he never knew what happened him. His head was crushed, his leg, arm and ribs broken, and his whole frame horribly smashed. A doctor was called, but of course nothing could be done. Blame for the affair attached to no one. It was one of those accidents which will occur in spite of all human prevention. The accident completely unnerved the balance of the masons, and they immediately quit work.

Mr. Hughes' home is in Warsaw, where he had a wife and some half-dozen children. His oldest boy has been working with him for some time upon the court house. George had been with the contractors for some time past and has always been considered a good and faithful workman.

Just the other day were heard parties telling that they thought the building would be completed without a death, the only fatality heretofore having occurred while pulling down the old structure, but such hope is dispelled.

Newspaper: Porter County Vidette
Date of Publication: August 14, 1884
Volume Number: 28
Issue Number: 33
Page: 4
Column(s): 5

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