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Ira Holland

Ira Holland meets His Death just West of Suman.
Caused by liquor sold on Sunday from the "New Saloon."
Struck by a Passenger train.

Last Sunday Ira Holland a stone-cutter in the employ of the B. & O. railroad, working on the culverts near Woodville, went to Suman. In Suman there is a saloon, started but a few weeks ago. Ira drank of the refreshments served, and between seven and eight o'clock in the evening, started for his boarding place, at Mr. McAllister's. On leaving the station, the watchman warned him not to attempt to cross the bridges until after the fast train had passed. The warning was disregarded, and said that he was young and could jump if necessary. This was the last seen of him alive. Shortly after he was found a few rods west of the water tank literally cut to pieces, having been struck by Passenger train No. 18, at about 8 o'clock P. M. The unfortunate man's legs were entirely severed from the trunk, the entrails torn out, and the body badly mangled. Holland was on the west side of the bridge when struck. The coroner was notified and held an inquest Monday. The dead man had a wife living in Ohio, but had no children. His remains were sent to her for burial Monday evening.

Suman is a quiet little village about 7 miles south-east of Chesterton, and around it live some of the wealthiest and most respected farmers of the county. This village has always been a model, until a saloon was started in it. The proprietor of course sells liquor on Sundays, and it did not take long to find a victim. Holland, if not drunk in the fullest sense of the word, was under the influence of liquor. Where did he get it? He was at Suman. It was Sunday, and of course if liquor was sold, it was sold unlawfully. If the saloon had not been there, Holland would have very probably remained at home. But he went, drank, and died. Who is responsible for his death? The Coroner says it was accidental. The TRIBUNE says it was whiskey, the same as if it was a bullet fired from the hands of that saloon-keeper.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: August 6, 1885
Volume Number: 2
Issue Number: 19
Page: 4
Column(s): 3

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