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George Lewis Hillstrom

A Young Man of Brilliant Promise Passes Away Very Suddenly.

DIED -- On Saturday, Sept. 23, 1893, at fifteen minutes to six o'clock p. m. at the home of his father, in Chesterton, George Lewis Hillstrom, after a brief illness, aged 21 years, 1 month and 12 days.

The simple announcement of the death of Lewis Hillstrom Saturday evening caused consternation on the streets of Chesterton. Few knew even of his illness, and those who did had no reason to the expect that he could be a victim of the fell destroyer. During the week before, he had been out with a party of friends catching crabs, and soon after was attacked with summer complaint. A few days followed, and he went to a local druggist and got something to check it. The medicine bound him up, and severe griping of the bowels followed. Tuesday he went to Dr. Rubin and was given medicine. He went home and soon after was attacked with severe pains. On Saturday at four o'clock, the day of death, the doctor visited Lewis, and left him with a normal pulse, no fever, in good spirits, and with every prospect of a speedy recovery. An hour after he was taken worse, and when a messenger was dispatched for the attending physician, his condition was such that it alarmed the entire family. Dr. Green was sent for, but before either Dr. Green or Dr. Rubin could get to him, he was dead.

Deceased was born in Chicago but from infancy has lived in Chesterton. For the past three years he was the private secretary for his father in the Hillstrom Organ factory, and a young man of brilliant business talents. His manner was modest and unassuming. His simple modesty drew to him warm friends who loved and respected him for his worth alone, and few deaths have ever occurred in Chesterton, that caused more genuine sorrow among all classes.

The funeral was held Tuesday, the services being held in the M. E. church, Rev. Weston officiating. Long before the funeral cortege arrived, the church was crowded with people, and hundreds were obliged to stand outside during the services. The funeral procession was headed by the Chesterton Patriotic Order Sons of America, of which the deceased was an officer and a member. The casket was loaded down with beautiful floral pieces, one from "mother," one from "brother," one from father and one from the employes of the factory. The sight of these alone, silent and mute as they were, told a story to the saddened multitude of love and devotion that brought tears to every eye. The services were beautiful and the minister delivered a comforting sermon that aided the grief-stricken family to better bear the ordeal they were passing through. The vast audience filed past the coffin and took a last look at the features of Lewis Hillstrom, and then the undertaker, that grim representative of unrelentless death, fastened down the coffin lid, and forever shut out from view in this world all save memory that remained of a friend, comrade, brother and son.

The remains were interred in the Chesterton cemetery in the family lot. Good bye, young friend, good bye.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: September 29, 1893
Volume Number: 10
Issue Number: 25
Page: 1
Column(s): 5

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