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Charles O. Hillstrom

The double funeral over the remains of Charles O. Hillstrom and his son Edward was held Sunday afternoon at the house, the services being conducted by Rev. Wright of the M. E. church, and Rev. Holmgren, of the Swedish Lutheran church. These services were very simple, and impressive. Rev. Wright talking in English, and Rev. Holmgren in Swedish. Upon their conclusion the funeral cortege filed its way to the lonely little cemetery on the banks of Coffee Creek, and in one grave was laid all that was mortal of father and son. Funerals are all sad, but this one seemed the saddest that has happened here for many years. Charles O. Hillstrom was a vigorous, active, brainy man. He came to America from his native land in 1869, and locating in Chicago, began in a small way the manufacture of parlor organs. His superior workmanship attracted attention to his organs, and it was not long before he found his orders beyond the capacity of his little shop. In 1879 he came to Chesterton, and purchased a defunct factory, and moved his plant here. This was enlarged and improved until it is now a model and the pride of Chesterton. The Hillstrom organ may be found in thousands of homes in the United States, and a great many of them have been shipped to English jobbers for European Markets. About two years ago, Mr. Hillstrom's eldest son, Lewis, suddenly died. This young man was the idol of his father's heart, studious, attentive to business, and a general favorite with all who knew him. This blow, with other troubles, seemed more than Mr. Hillstrom could stand, and his health failing, he went to Battle Creek for treatment. But it seemed that his trouble was beyond the skill of human agency, and he gradually sank into a mental and physical decline, which rendered him incapable of carring on his immense business, and Par A. Johnson, of Chesterton, was appointed by Judge Gillett, of the Porter Cicuit Court, as his guardian. Since that time the care of Mr. Hillstrom and his interests has been in the hands of Mr. Johnson and Mr. C. E. Hillstrom. The deceased leaves one daughter, Mrs. Mabel Smucker, of Chicago, by his first marriage, and a wife and three children. Last spring Mrs. Hillstrom and children went to Sweden, and their return is speedily expected.

The tragic death of son Edward, occurring as it did, casts a pall of gloom over the stricken family. He was a young man of generous parts, impulsive, and warmly devoted to his mother. THE TRIBUNE extends its heartfelt sympathy to the mourners left behind in this their hour of affliction.

Newspaper: The Westchester Tribune
Date of Publication: December 26, 1896
Volume Number: 13
Issue Number: 37
Page: 5
Column(s): 3

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