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Mrs. Michael S. Harrold

Death of Mrs. M. S. Harrold.
A telegram was received last Thursday that Mrs. Harrold was dead. It seemed almost incredible, but by later intelligence it proved too true. When Mr. Harrold died some three months ago, his wife was prostrated by the shock. She failed to recover he wanted composure and was advised by friends to seek change that she might forget her grief. She visited friends for awhile in Michigan and some six weeks ago sought the seclusion of a Sisters retreat near Detroit. Here. Though attended by the best medical talent, her energies wasted away from nervous excitement and sorrow. The breaking down of her nervous system engendered heart trouble which ended in death the evening of the 25th. The attack was unexpected by the attending physician. Mr. Spooner was informed by telegram but arrived some twelve hours after her death.

Mrs. Harrold was born in Plymouth, Ind., in 1847, and grew to girlhood in her native town. She was an accomplished musician, and was organist of the Plymouth Catholic church. Afterwards she was a teacher in the St. Paul Academy, and while acting in that capacity was married to M. S. Harrold 23 years ago. She was intensely attached to her husband and when his death occurred she was unable to bear the blow.

Tuesday the funeral of Mrs. Harrold was held from St. Paul's church, and was largely attended by friends and neighbors many coming from afar to pay their last respect to the departed.

The interior of the church was decked in the emblems of woe and contrasted with the sad procession that entered the isle presented a sombre and impressive appearance. On the richly covered casket at rest were beautiful floral offerings of fresh immorteles representing the harp, anchor and the gates ajar. Rev. R. Dempsey preached an appropriate sermon. He spoke of her as a loving wife, and a gentle mother. He said when the blow fell on her three months ago she was crushed by the calamity and the grief occasioned by the sad event she was unable to endure. That she expressed the wish to join her husband in the realm where separations are unknown, and in the inscrutable ways of Providence perhaps her prayers were answered.

After the services were concluded, the funeral wended its way to the cemetery where her mortal remains were consigned to mother earth and the sad ceremony consummated. Her memory will ever remain green and fresh in the memory of her family, and friends express the wish that when her dying eyes were closed on the scenes of time they were opened on the brighter shores of eternity.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: October 3, 1889
Volume Number: 6
Issue Number: 25
Page: 1
Column(s): 1

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