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Michael S. Harrold

Last week was one of fatalities but on Sunday at about 1 o'clock the people of our city were shocked by the terrible rumor that M. S. Herrold in a moment of temporary insanity had taken his own life. Our people were astounded but facts were ascertained that confirmed the unexpected and terrible intelligence. It seems that in outward appearance he was normal and in his usual condition. He attended church at St. Paul's, passed the contribution box and after church returned to his home. He then took a stroll, accompanied by his little son. Meeting P. O'Sullivan and several of his friends he chatted pleasantly and showed no symptoms of mental abberration. He returned to his residence with his little son Tom, who usually accompanies him on his morning walks, left him at home and again returned to his place of business. He entered the store and seated himself as to screen himself from outside gaze, and loading a revolver, placed it against his head, pulled the trigger and sent the leaden missile on its mission of death.

Mrs. Harrold returned from late services and when the hour of dinner arrived, perhaps fearful of something happening to her husband, sent Harry, the eldest son, in search of him. Harry looked around town, and failed to discover his whereabouts. He then concluded his father had accepted an invitation to dinner elsewhere, but remembering a letter he had left in the store, he unlocked and entered the store. He passed around to the desk and, returning, glanced down toward the stove and saw his father sitting on a chair. Thinking his parent was asleep he approached him and placed his hand on his shoulder. A large pool of blood attracted his attention; then came the horrible realization that his father was indeed dead.

Harry locked the store and hurried to the residence of his father's friend, DeFoe Skinner and informed him of the terrible occurrence. Medical aid was summoned, but was not needed. The bullet that had sped a few hours before had sone its work too well; the coils of life were snapped and he was beyond all aid. The coroner was summoned, and after seeking the usual questions and ascertaining the facts and circumstances, postponed the inquest until Monday. The body was prepared by undertaker LePell, and at six was borne to his residence, where it lay in state preparatory to interment. Monday hundreds looked on the face of the dead, and on turning away expressed sentiments of sympathy for the his untimely end and the terrible calamity that had befallen the family.

Mr. Harrold came to our city nearly thirty years ago, and by honest, upright dealing and careful attention to business and its various details, soon won the confidence of the community and rapidly rose to comfort and competence. About two years ago he suffered from a severe attack of indigestion which ended in nervous prostration, from which he never completely recovered. About eight months ago it returned, and since then his mind has been filled with morbid delusions. Whether rational or real he was haunted by the terrible hallucination of approaching insanity.

About eight months ago he sought medical aid but failed to receive any aid from that source to recuperate his failing energies. He grew steadily worse and his friends became solicitous for his safety. He became aware that his movements were watched and consciousness of this increased his agony. At times no doubt he was burdened by horrible and morbid delusion, that rendered him irresponsible. During all those months his family were away of the fact that his mental energies were fast failing and they were at all times ready to afford him what consolation and care that lay in their power, but failed to avert the calamity that seemed destined to befal him. It is sad in the extreme that after a successful business career, raising a large and highly respected family to which he was tenderly attached, his end should be thus. He abhorred weapons. He was courteous in manners and as gentle as a lady of the most refined sensibilities. He was born in the town of Lismakin, County of Tipperary, Ireland, fifty-nine years ago, and spent his early boyhood in the land of his birth. During his early years he witnessed many of the bitter trials of his native land, and like hundreds of thousands of his countrymen who were compelled to bend to England's tyranny, he resolved to seek a foothold on a foreign shore. At he early age of 18, he bade adieu to the green fields and flowery meadows of his island home and turned his eyes westward to the home of freedom. He arrived in New York in 1848, and remained there until 1861, when he came west to Michigan City. He remained there a short time and removed to this City, where he has since resided. He was a faithful husband, a kind and affectionate father, a true friend, and a good citizen. He was honest and industrious and won the respect and friendship of the entire community. Tuesday a large concourse of people attended the funeral held from St. Paul's. The church was draped in the emblems of woe, and presented a sombre and impressive appearance. On the coffin at rest in the church were beautiful floral offerings of fresh immortales representing the harp, anchor, and the gates ajar. Father Demsey preached an appropriate sermon, and when the services were concluded all that remained mortal of Michael S. Harrold was borne to the cemetery and laid by the side of his three little children who preceded him and wended their flight to the eternal shore, there to await his coming. For he loved his family and children in their lives, and in death they will not be divided.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: June 27, 1889
Volume Number: 6
Issue Number: 11
Page: 1
Column(s): 4 and 5

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