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Mrs. John Hamlet

The Family of John Hamlet, consisting of Wife Four Children.
Burned To A Crisp In Their Beds Wednesday Morning.

VALPARAISO, Ind., July 16. -- This morning one of the saddest and most horrible catastrophes that ever happened in Porter county took place, in which the family of John Hamlet, consisting of a wife and four children were burned to death. About five o'clock this morning Hans Clauson, was on his way to work from Sugar Loaf, and dicovered the Hamlet house, which is located in that vicinity, in flames. The house was nearly consumed when discovered. Clausan ran to town and gave the alarm, which was responded to by the fire companies. On arriving there, no water could be got as the house was out of the reach of the water works. Some of the company forced an entrance into the burning building, and discovered a sight that would palsy the stoutest heart. In the center room lay huddled together the charred remains of five human beings.

It was a fearful sight, and the work of rescue at once began. The position of the bodies at the time of discover indicated that they had made no struggle, but had been suffocated before the flamed reached them. The body of the mother lay between her couch and that one two of her children were sleeping in. One small babe lay in her arms. It is thought that the fire was caused by the explosion of a lamp, but none know the real cause of the fire.

Mr. Hamlet at the time was working in Chesterton on the new school house. A dispatch was sent to his boss, Mr. Lemster, stating the facts. He told Mr. Hamlet that his house had been burned, and the poor fellow started on a run for Valparaiso. Not until he arrived at the site of his once happy home, did he learn of the loss of his loved ones. Then in agony of grief, he screamed, and fell to the ground.

The bodies have been taken to Undertaker Lepell's shop, and be buried in one coffin. The funeral will be held Friday. Mr. Hamlet is an industrious, sober mechanic, who is highly respected here, and his misfortune has aroused the sympathy of the whole town.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: July 17, 1890
Volume Number: 7
Issue Number: 14
Page: 1
Column(s): 6

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