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Jack Hadden

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A most horrible and sickening accident occurred on the Grand Trunk road about eight miles east of this city this (Tuesday) morning at about 4 o'clock. A freight train was running from this station to Haskells to meet the west-bound passenger train, when the crown sheet of the boiler gave way with appalling and terrific results. The locomotive was one borrowed from the Sante Fe road. The boiler was of 30-horse capacity and carried a pressure of 140 pounds. When the explosion took place, Thomas Callahan, the engineer, Jack Hadden, the fireman, and the head brakeman were in the cab. The fireman was in the act of throwing coal into the furnace when the crown-sheet gave way, the steam escaping through the furnace door with such force as to throw Hadden from the tender back against a freight car, falling between the car and the tender. His body, above the hips, was badly mangled and his head pounded into an unrecognizable mass of bones and flesh. The engineer was thrown from the cab and is seriously if not fatally injured internally. The brakeman was more fortunate than the others. He occupied a seat at the side of the boiler and made his escape through the front window to the footboard, without being injured. The dead fireman and Engineer Callahan were brought here. The coroner viewed the remains of the fireman and turned them over to Undertaker Arnold. Callahan was taken to Baum's hotel where he lies in a precarious condition, unable to recognize any one. Hadden was a young single man and his home was in Canada, where his remains were taken. Callahan resides in Battle Creek and is known as one of the most careful engineers on the road. The blowing out of the flue is a very common occurrence in railroading, but the giving way of a crown-sheet is seldom recorded. Accident of the former nature are not followed with serious results, but of the latter the consequences are always fatal. The unchaining of 140 pounds pressure of steam is most terrific in its results. In this case the tender was completely relieved of its load and the fireman whirled into eternity.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: October 24, 1889
Volume Number: 6
Issue Number: 28
Page: 1
Column(s): 3

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