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Maria E. M. Green

For the Observer.
Original Lines.

On the death of Miss Maria E. M. Green, which occurred, August 28th, 1851.

One of the hopes fairest, sweetest flowers
Suddenly has dropped and died;
Yes, she's left this world of ours;
Scarce its varied scenes had tried.

Dearest one, and fondly cherished,
Thou hast left us for a while,
Yet they memory cannot perish,
Nor can we forget thy smile.

Thy loved image beamed so heavenly!
Oh! How tranquil, beautious, fair!
Nought on earth can ever tempt thee
Now to leave thy dwelling there.

Tho' unseen by mortal visions,
Dost thou linger near our way,
Hovering round on angles pinions,
Lest we e'er should go astray?

We must bear this deep afflictio;
From the ground it did not rise;
Oft celestial benedictions
Will assume a dark disquise.

Here we struggle on to meet her
In that world of pure delight;
Glory beams in every feature,
While she scales the fields of light.

Oh! The bliss, the blissful story
That the wandering angels tell!
Fair and spotless, forms so holy --
How their songs of triumph swell!

Rest now, loved one, rest with Jesus,
Till the morn of endless day,
When our heavenly Father frees us,
We will rise and sing with thee.

Newspaper: Valparaiso Practical Observer
Date of Publication: March 15, 1852
Volume Number: 3
Issue Number: 33
Page: 2
Column(s): 6

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