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Florence Green

Memorial to Florence Green.

Gone to the unknown sea,
Launched forth with the boat of death;
Gone from the earth is she,
Who so lately drew her breath.
The pale-faced boatman came,
And touched upon the other shore;
And made his call the same
As he oft has done before.
Upon the young, and fair, and bright,
One whose worth was known,
And bore her from our sight
To make her all his own.

To manhood's growth attained,
And womanhood was her pride;
In nobleness well trained,
With justice for the guide.
She walked the pleasant earth
A daughter of worthy name,
A friend of noble birth
For one who knew, to claim.
With smile upon her face,
Warm welcome in her heart,
She won with womanly grace
And friendship's gentle art,
All those with whom she met,
And chanced to speak a word --
Oh! Why has her sun set?
And her voice no longer heard.

That sun that fell from heaven
Just as noon had come --
On that lonely day that has passed away,
And left that form so dumb.
Oh boatman, with dustry barge!
Oh Sailor, on death's dark sea!
Why rowed you to the marge,
To call for such as she?
Dost thou delight the young and fair
To bear across the tide
Are such youths a glory there,
As they were here a pride?

The morning sun through the eastern trees
Swayed to and fro through the morning breeze,
Will shoot its threads of wavering gold;
Weaving a robe of many fold.
And cover it o'er with yellow light,
The grave of one so young and bright;
And o'er it too, the moon shall shine
And round her couch the flowers will twine,
Though years that might have been so grand
Could she remained upon our strand.

Sleep, noble youth, thy fame is known,
Sleep, O friend, God claimed His own.
Sleep while the years around you shown,
Are as the seeds in springtime thrown
Into the soil to bring forth and die;
Sleep, and peacefully may you lie.

Oceana county, Mich., July 1st, 1880.
Formerly her schoolmate Miss Anna Johnston, Chesterton.

Newspaper: Porter County Vidette
Date of Publication: September 9, 1880
Volume Number: 24
Issue Number: 37
Page: 3
Column(s): 6

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