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George Goodspeed

George Goodspeed, a Former Resident of this County, Murdered in Iowa.

"My darling I'm dying."

This was the exclamation of George Goodspeed as he lay weltering in his own blood. Clasped in his arms was the girl he loved. Two minutes of life, two minutes of frightful agony, and all was over. He expired with his loved ones in his arms.

George Goodspeed, a former resident of Kouts, this county, where members of the family still reside, was a victim of a father's wrath. Goodspeed of late years has made his home at West Union, Iowa. Here he met Miss Annie Wood, the daughter of a well-known farmer, and an acquaintance soon ripened into love, and an engagement, as a natural consequence, followed.

Goodspeed's attentions were not received with favor by the young lady's father, and she was advised to break the engagement. The couple, however, did not heed parental authority, and despite the threats of Wood, the young man continued to visit the object of his affections, taking care to avoid meeting with him.

The time came when Wood found his daughter in the company of her lover, and Goodspeed refusing to leave her, the father drew a revolver and fired twice, both shots taking effect. Before Goodspeed fell exhausted from the loss of blood he drew a revolver, and in the exchange of shots that followed Wood was wounded, but not fatally.

Thus was the denoument of a courtship that gave every promise of a happy union. Goodspeed was but 22 years of age. Miss Wood was 18 years old and the grief caused by the tragic death, it is feared, will result in her mental derangement.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: August 19, 1892
Volume Number: 9
Issue Number: 19
Page: 1
Column(s): 3

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