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Peter Goerg

[Michigan City Dispatch.]
Overwork and Worry the Cause of Mental and Physical Illness.

Peter Georg, proprietor of the grocery store at 517 Franklin street, and one of the best known business men of the city, tried to commit suicide late Tuesday afternoon by hanging himself, but he was cut down and resuscitated. He received injuries, however, which resulted in his death this morning.

As many are aware Mr. Georg has been in poor health for about a year. He was a hard worker, and the worry of looking after his business affairs caused a constant decline in his state of health. Mr. Georg suffered from mental trouble as well, and about a month or six weeks ago his physician advised him to sell out a portion of his business and leave town for the benefit of his health. Br. Georg accordingly sold his meat market and traveled extensively in the southwest. He returned about a week ago and seemed improved, mentally and physically. Two or three days after his return, and for some time prior to his death he was constantly watched by members of his family lest he should do himself harm.

Yesterday Mr. Georg went to see one of the living rooms up-stairs, over the grocery store, and one of his family followed him. At 10 minutes of four o'clock he was left alone, but the intention was that someone should soon return to the room to continue the watch. But as soon as Mr. Georg found himself alone he went into a side room and provided himself with a rope, tying one end to the door knob. He then drew the rope over the door, made a noose, and placing the noose over head, threw his weight on the rope. His feet dragged on the floor. In the meantime, Carl Georg, brother of Peter, came to the store, and accompanied by Carl Mrs. Georg went up stairs, eight or ten minutes after Mr. Georg had been left to himself. They found Mr. George hanging in the small room as described above, and he was hastily cut down. To all appearances Mr. Georg was dead, but Mr. A. J. Mullen was summoned and quickly responded to the call. He worked with Mr. Georg for at least one and one-half hours , using every known means of resuscitation, and at 6 o'clock p. m. brought the patient to life. Georg was unconscious thereafter, but the doctor looked after him the remainder of the night, doing everything in his power to keep Mr. Georg alive. But at 7:30 o'clock this morning Mr. Georg has a bad turn and died in a few minutes.

Peter Georg was born near Saar Louis, Germany, July 22, 1852, and was 43 years and one month old on the day of his death. He came to this city alone in 1871 and made his home with one of his uncles. On April 20, 1875, he was married to Miss Emma Kastner and to this union five children were born, four of whom are living, namley, Clara, Bertha, emma and Oscar. Besides his widow and children, Mr. Georg also leaves to brothers, Carl Georg, of this city, and another in Germany, and his mother residing in Germany. Mr. Georg has been in business here for about twenty-five years. For a long time past he was the proprietor of a grocery store as well as a meat market. At other times he was in various branches of business. He worked at high pressure early and late, considered that every detail of his affairs should receive his personal attention, and the constant strain to which he was subjected had the effect of breaking him down mentally and physically.

Newspaper: The Chesterton Tribune
Date of Publication: August 30, 1895
Volume Number: 12
Issue Number: 21
Page: 1
Column(s): 3

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