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Liddie Friday

On the Death of Liddie Friday.


Sadly do we miss you, Liddie,
As you are the second one,
Who with all this earthly trouble,
Pain and sorrow you are done.

Empty is the lonely cradle,
Which contains our baby's bed;
Lightened in the snowy pillow,
Where she once did rest her head.

Silent is your little clatter,
And still your little tongue;
The cheerful songs we've sung to you,
Will never more be sung.

Around your form when all are weeping,
For we knew the time had come,
When our darling babe must leave us,
And its troubles on earth be done.

Soon so sweetly you'll be sleeping,
In the land where all is well;
For the good God to thee calleth,
Go with Him to dwell.

Soon will come the changeful autumn,
And the leaves of every color,
Fall and flutter all around
Your little grave to cover.

Then will come white bearded winter,
To us mourners here below;
But you in heaven cannot feel,
Though your grave be clad in snow.

You came to us at the close of Spring,
We loved thee dearer than any other,
And, 'tis sad to think a bud so sweet,
should live but just a summer.

One pleasant day in early summer
A pearl to us was given;
She came to us to bud on earth,
But now she'll blossom in heaven.

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: September 23, 1886
Volume Number: 3
Issue Number: 25
Page: 1
Column(s): 4

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