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Mrs. John Curran

DIED -- At her home near Babcock, Ind., Feb. 19, 1892, Mrs. John Daly, aged 40 years.

Deceased was the daughter of Cornelius and Margaret Curran, of Dowagiac, Mich., and was born in Michigan City, Ind., August, 1852. In 1872 she was married to John Daly who with the family of nine children deeply mourn her loss. For some time she had been ailing with lagrippe and had apparently recovered, but on the 16th suffered the relapse which terminated in her death. The funeral services took place Sunday morning at St. Paul's church, and were attended by a large number of friends and relatives. To the afflicted family and sorrowing relatives the sympathy of friends and neighbors is extended and we all pray that they may obtain that peace which will enable them to bear their burden of sorrow in a christian spirit. Mrs. Daly was indeed a kind and sympathizing mother, who ever kept in view the future welfare of her family, and spared no efforts to promote their interests. To neighbors and friends she proved herself a christian woman, ever ready to extend her aid when needed, and by her honorable and upright life commanded their respect and esteem. By the death of this estimable woman are we again reminded that the "grim destroyer," in his ruthless march spares neither the young, who may be a solace to their parents nor as in this case, the loving mother who in her sphere was the stay and hope of loving husband and devoted children. For the first time death has broken the family circle and father and children as they wended their way from the darksome grave in which they laid the fond mother and returned home that had esrtwhile been the haven of joy and felicity, missed the smile of welcome that had always been bestowed upon them, missed her presence around the family board and found that in the family was a void which never could be filled. Then indeed came the sharp pang of sorrow when they found that she was gone, whose love and solitude had hovered around them like guardian angels to protect them from harm. The did they feel that

'Tis hard to lose thee mother
Hard to give thee to the tomb;
And our hearts are sad and lonely;
While our home is filled with gloom."

We, in our moments of peace, may sing in common with him who has told us, metric verse, that "there is no death what seems so in transition" but the members of the family so cruelly stricken, know that those grand words spoken with intention of making bereaved ones reconciled to their lot, fail to give the comfort needed in the time of dire affliction. Then the heart is heavy laden with grief and sorrow and it seems as if nothing could alleviate our misery. But ot those whose home has been rifled of a priceless treasure, we would fain recall, words are but weak instruments of comfort and solace would say, look to the cross and seek there the strength and seek consolation which it alone can give. Think not that death is cruel in placing the one whom you loved beyond the cares and sorrows of this life, but rather feel that whilst you are left to struggle on with tears as your only reward, she is gone

"To that heavenly home beyond,
Where again we'll meet our mother;
Where no storms of earth can gather,
Where she will live her life anew."

Newspaper: The Tribune
Date of Publication: March 4, 1892
Volume Number: 8
Issue Number: 47
Page: 1
Column(s): 3

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